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Review- Dork, Geek, Jew by Danny Katz

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A collection of humorist Danny Katz's newspaper columns, together with some strange and interesting correspondence from his fans, hecklers - and downright enemies.

'Dear Mr Katz,
Go back to Israel where you belong and take all the Asians with You. You Jews are destroying the Aryan race who created civilisation. All you want is a big-breasted Aryan girl you can destroy. Go back to Israel because we don't want another Jew with a dork-geek personality.'

It's always nice to get a bit of fan-mail from your readers and I got this one last week; it was sent to me by a group called The Christian Front which is probably just some guy living in a basement with a half-eaten tin of baked beans and a copy of The Catcher in the Rye...

Someone came up to me a while ago and said, 'Hey Danny, when are you going to put out a collection of columns?' and I said to them 'Look, I'm not interested in putting out a collection of columns, that's pathetic, I hate it when writers do that because it just means they can't be bothered writing anything original. IT JUST SHOWS THAT THEY'RE NOT TRUE ARTISTS AT ALL, THEY'RE JUST LAZY UNINSPIRED TONKS' and this person said, 'You know it's a really easy way to make money' and I say 'I wonder if I can get one out in time for Christmas?'

So here's a collection of my columns.

Release date: November 2002
Published by: Allen & Unwin
Page numbers: 280


I came across Dork, Geek, Jew very randomly at a book sale in my city, and I picked it up because it sounded interesting to me. When I finally got to it, I had no idea what to expect because just like my encounter with the book, me picking it up to read was also very random. I was just looking for a paperback on my shelves that would accompany me for a few days when I thought I'd give Dork, Geek, Jew a go.

This book is a collection of articles or snippet or whatever they're called- wait, they're called columns- by author Danny Katz and they describe his life in a subtle and implicit way. As a columnist for a newspaper, writing is his living and feedback from readers in inevitable so there are emails/ letters sent to him thrown in along the way. This book is set in Melbourne, Australia and it was fun to get a glimpse of it because I haven't read many books set in the continent and country.

While Dork, Geek, Jew is a very funny, different, interesting, engrossing and fact-paced read, it is not really extraordinary which isn't bad at all- oh no. But all I'm trying to say is that it's great, but not that great that I'd make you cross borders to read it. It's one of those vacation/ holiday/ weekend reads that have only one task and that is to entertain the reader, which the book does very well.

Overall, Dork, Geek, Jew is a very nice and short book that I had fun reading. It was very refreshing and the way in which the author describes minute details was both awkward and comforting because I found myself relating to some of it. I don't see myself rereading this book, but I do see myself remember some nice joke from it and laughing away to glory.

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