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Book Tour: Excerpt + Guest Post- Shanti and the Magic Mandala by F.T. Camargo

About the Book:

Shanti and the Magic Mandala is an adventure in which fantasy and reality are mingled. The book tells the story of six teenagers, from different religious and cultural origins and different parts of the world, who are mystically recruited to form two groups - one in the Northern Hemisphere, and one in the Southern. They eventually gather in Peru, and through a single alliance, begin a frantic chase for the sacred object that can stop the black magician's final plan.

Read an Excerpt:

Shanti was the first to smell the smoke. She paused in her frantic packing. “Do you smell something burning?”

“Yes, I do,” Lelê said, worried.
It was getting noticeably hotter in the room. “Look, there’s smoke coming in under the door!” Antônio cried. Black smoke was slowly seeping beneath the door and into the room. Lelê ran to the window.
“The door won’t open,” Shanti said, struggling with the lock.
“Neither will the window.” Lelê was close to tears.
“Let me try, Shanti.” Antônio grasped the doorknob, applying his strength to it. Even as he fought with the lock, the smoke and the heat were rising.”
“They did it. We're stuck in here,” Helena said, coughing.
Antônio hammered on the wall. “Nasir! Itai! Tadao! Help us!”
“They want to kill us,” Lelê cried, shaking with fear.
Looking intently at Helena, her voice ringing with determination, Shanti declared, “But we’re not going to let them succeed!”
“Get away from the door,” Antônio said, kicking at it.
Hearing Antônio's call for help, Nasir and Itai had rushed to the door, only to find it locked. Tadao tried the window. “It won’t open,” he said, fearful. “The window's locked.”
“We can’t get out. What’s happening?” Nasir said, with an edge of panic.
“It’s black magic,” Itai said, trying to help Nasir break down the door.
Just then, an image of the book came into his mind. He ran over to his backpack, still on top of his bed and upended it shaking everything out.
Suddenly there was a loud noise, like an explosion — the door swung open. Flames and gouts of heavy, black smoke poured into the room. The whole hallway was on fire.
Tadao pushed at the window again, but it defied his efforts to open it.
Itai reached for his book. It was illuminated once again. He stood up and held the book with both hands, opening it. A bright light shone forth from the page it had opened on and he saw another name, formed with three Hebrew letters. Seitel, another of the 72 names of God. Itai knew that the Angel Seitel was able to create a protective shield. He closed his eyes, forming an urgent prayer, reaching out to connect with the angel, shutting out the mayhem around him for a few moments. Opening his eyes he gazed at the three letters from right to left for a few more precious seconds. Then he closed the book, replaced everything else in the backpack and hoisted it on his back. He picked up the book, holding it in his right hand. “Grab your backpacks and follow me.”
Nasir stared at him with an expression that clearly showed concern for his sanity “Itai?”
“Follow me,” Itai repeated with certainty.
“What? What do you mean?” Tadao almost shouted.
Nasir took his backpack and positioned himself behind Itai. “May Allah protect us!”
Watching Nasir, Tadao did the same. Itai took the closed book in both hands, pointing it towards the fire, as they approached the door. The book emitted an increasingly intense light. Gradually, a large shield began to form, surrounding the three boys.
“Wow! It's a light vehicle, a merkaba!” Nasir said, reverently, his gaze locked on the intense white light of the forming shield.
“Incredible!” Tadao said, forming his own silent prayer, Thank you, Lord Buddha.
Steadfastly Itai moved towards the door now engulfed by large flames. He advanced out of the room, into the hallway, the light shield in front of him, and as he moved, he created a clear path, the shield pushing away the flames, heat and smoke. He stopped in front of Shanti’s bedroom door. The wood was charred and blackened and the ancient lock had popped free, leaving the door swinging brokenly. Their friends had crowded at the back of the room, near the window, trying to get away from the thick, choking smoke. “Grab your backpacks! Get behind Nasir and Tadao!” Itai shouted.
“We’re coming!” Antônio said, grabbing his backpack and walking swiftly towards the door.
Lord Ganesha, please open those paths, Shanti prayed, putting all of her faith into the prayer.
Within moments, the three were in place. The light shield began to grow sideways, eventually forming a large cube of light, protecting all of them. They crossed the hall, safe from the flames. As they went down the stairs, they heard the roof collapsing behind them. The reception area had been completely destroyed by fire, but again they passed through the devastation completely shielded from the heat and flames. They reached the door leading to the outside. Itai wasted no time in pulling it open and they poured out of the burning building.
As soon as the last one of them stepped onto the street, the old pension began to collapse, turning into a huge bonfire.


My journey with Shanti: 

 For many years I have been practising yoga and meditation as well as studying the Kabbalah. My exploration of spiritual teachings motivated a commitment to self-development which in turn created a new path and goal in life. I’m positive that 
Shanti and the Magic Mandala was born from this inner journey. 

I have always had the dream of being a writer. 

 Ever since I was a child I liked very much to read and transport myself to the places I was reading about, and also traveling with the story. 

One day, during my spiritual practices, I had an insight to write a book in which I could express myself. 

I have written a book for the teenager I was, the book I would have been amazed to read. 

Shanti and the Magic Mandala is an multicultural adventure in which fantasy and reality are mingled. The book tells the story of six teenagers, from different religious and cultural origins and different parts of the world, who are mystically recruited to form two groups - one in the Northern Hemisphere, and one in the Southern. 

They eventually gather in Peru, and through a single alliance, begin a frantic chase for the sacred object that can stop the black magician's final plan... 

I my opinion young people are the ones who will be able to change the world. That’s why I have decided to bring them something, to plant a seed in their lives, to be able to germinate good feelings related to the planet, related to the rights. I decided that it could be a good idea to use a playful approach with these themes that are so important for the planet. That’s why I decided to write an adventure, but it is a fantasy as well, but also there are many mystical and spiritual approaches. 

This is the reason why I had the idea to use distinctive characters from different cultural and religious backgrounds, trying to show that it doesn’t matter your cultural or religious background to create a union and harmony to be proactive regarding humankind, animal defense and environmental issues. So I think my story can inspire good actions for better world aiming freedom and compassion to reach peace. 

 Also I love the diversity and I think the world is so big to explore new flavors & tastes, different colors, unique cultures, different religious, beautiful landscapes, distinctive architecture; always admiring and respecting the differences. That’s why I used different locations with completely different aspects as well. I think we have to be open for the new, mainly because we live in a globalized era in which we are very connected. 

Writing, for me, has been such an amazing and incomparable experience to express myself by giving a new purpose for my life. In fact I want to turn Shanti and the Magic Mandala into a book series, and by the way I have already done a great research in other countries in Asia for my next book.

About the Author:

F. T. Camargo is an Italian Brazilian living in Sao Paulo, Brazil. An award winning architect and author, he also studied Arts and Media and has a post degree in Economics and MBA in e-commerce. He is a vegetarian because of his love for all animals and has been deeply involved in causes for their protection and freedom. He is a world traveler adventurer, outdoor sports lover, speaks 4 languages and has published a travel book “Rio, Maravilha!”
For many years he has been practicing yoga and meditation and studying the Kabbalah. His exploration of spiritual teachings motivated a commitment to self-development which in turn created a new path and goal in life. Shanti and the Magic Mandala was born from his inner journey.

Contact the Author:

Awards & Recognition for the Book:

- Winner of 2014 London Book Festival in the category “Young Adult”.
- 2014 Moonbeam Children's Book Awards: Bronze Medal at “Young Adult Fiction – Spirituality” category
- 2014 New England Book Festival in Boston:  Honorable Mention in the category “Young Adult”.
- Winner of 2015 Paris Book Festival in the category “Young Adult”.
- Winner of 2015 International Book Awards in the category “Fiction / Young Adult”.
- Winner of 2015 New York Book Festival in the category “Young Adult”.
- 2015 Los Angeles Book Festival – Runner-up in the category “Young Adult”.
- 2015 San Francisco Book Festival – Runner-up in the category “Young Adult”.
- 2015 DIY Book Festival in Los Angeles: Honorable Mention in the category “Young Adult”.

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Blog Tour- Excerpt+Giveaway- Sweetest Scoundrel by Elizabeth Hoyt



Prim, proper, and thrifty, Eve Dinwoody is all business when it comes to protecting her brother's investment. But when she agrees to control the purse strings of London's premier pleasure garden, Harte's Folly, she finds herself butting heads with an infuriating scoundrel who can't be controlled.


Bawdy and bold, Asa Makepeace doesn't have time for a penny-pinching prude like Eve. As the garden's larger-than-life owner, he's already dealing with self-centered sopranos and temperamental tenors. He's not about to let an aristocratic woman boss him around . . . no matter how enticing she is.


In spite of her lack of theatrical experience—and her fiery clashes with Asa—Eve is determined to turn Harte's Folly into a smashing success. But the harder she tries to manage the stubborn rake, the harder it is to ignore his seductive charm and raw magnetism. There's no denying the smoldering fire between them—and trying to put it out would be the greatest folly of all.

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What do you see when you look at me?”
What did she see when she looked at him?
Eve inhaled, trying and failing to tear her gaze from his.
Mr. Harte sprawled across her dainty settee like aViking marauder in a pillaged Christian church. Hisbroad shoulders took up more than half the width, hisarms lazily draped over the back. His scarlet coat wasspread open, contrasting with the sedate gray-
blueofthe cushions almost shockingly. One long leg was thruststraight before him, the other cocked open and restingon a booted heel. The pose made the apex of his thighsvery . . . obvious . . . and even as she kept her eyes locked onhis she could feel heat rising in her cheeks.
What did she see?
She saw violence and anger, kept under a control that was tenuous at best. She saw power and a strength thatcould hurt her—killher—ifhe so chose. She saw theinnate brutality that was, in larger or smaller part, inall men.
She saw her most terrible fears.
But—andthis was the truly unprecedented part—shesaw more in him. She saw temptation—hertemptation—alluringand frightening at the same time, his virility sostrong it was nearly a visible miasma in the space betweenthem.
She wanted him. Wanted that brash gaze, those long,muscled thighs, that mocking, insulting mouth, and theshoulders that went on forever, big and brawny and so
very, very male.
This was madness—sheknew that intellectually. She’dnever wanted a man before—wasin fact afraid of almostall men, let alone one so obviously, blatantly sexual.
She took a breath, hoping that he couldn’t read all thisfrom her gaze—andknowing it was a lost cause already.
His heavy-liddedgreen eyes were far, far too perceptive.
“I see . . .” She paused to lick suddenly dry lips. “Isee that your hairline is nearly a perfect arc across theexpanse of your forehead. That your eyebrows tilt ever soslightly up at the ends and that the right has a scar throughit. I see that when you are solemn, the outer edges of yourlips reach just to the midpoint of your eyes, but when yousmile, they go beyond the corners. I see that your chinand jaw are almost in classical proportion and that a smallwhite scar forms a comma on your chin just to the right of center.” She finally glanced away from him, breathingheavily, certain that she’d not thrown him off the trackwith her artist’s eye’s impressions. She inhaled again andended, “I see every line of your face, every line’s intersectionand how they relate. That is what I see when I lookat you.”   
“And is that all you see? Lines?” His voice was deepand amused.
She chanced a peek.
He still watched her, his gaze utterly unperturbed byher observations about his countenance.
No, she’d not fooled him at all.
She licked her lips again, buying time. “I see,” she saidcarefully, cautiously, “a very self-possessedman.”
Self-possessed,”he drawled. “I’m not sure whatthat means, frankly. It sounds, just a bit, like a coward’sanswer.”
Her gaze flew to his, outraged.
But before she could take him down a peg, he chuckledsoftly. “Tell me, Miss Dinwoody, would you like to knowwhat I see when I look at you?”
She shouldn’t. She really, really shouldn’t.
“Yes,” she blurted, and then winced because she knew well enough what men
thought when they looked at her: ordinary, if they were charitable.Plain if they were not.
She braced herself for mockery, but when she glancedagain at him, his gaze was hot and hard. Certainly notgentle. Certainly not kind. But he wasn’t dismissing her,either.
He looked at her as if they were equals. As if he reallysaw her, a woman to his man.
“I see,” he said, his deep voice musing, “a womanafraid, but fighting her fears. A woman who carriesherself like a queen. A woman who could rule us all, Isuspect.”
She gazed at him, her breath caught in her throat,afraid to exhale and break the spell.
A corner of that wicked mouth tilted up. “And I see awoman who has a deep curiosity. Who wants to feel but is worried—ofherself? Of others?” He shook his head. “I’mnot sure.” He leaned forward slowly, destroying his pose,and she had to fight herself not to scoot her chair away fromhim. “But I think she has a fire banked within her. Maybeit’s only embers now, glowing in the dark, but if tinder wereto be put to those embers . . .” He grinned slowly. Dangerously.“Oh, what a conflagration that would be.”

About the author:

Elizabeth Hoyt is the New York Times bestselling author of over seventeen lush historical romances including the Maiden Lane series. Publishers Weekly has called her writing "mesmerizing." She also pens deliciously fun contemporary romances under the name Julia Harper. Elizabeth lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with three untrained dogs, a garden in constant need of weeding, and the long-suffering Mr. Hoyt.

The winters in Minnesota have been known to be long and cold and Elizabeth is always thrilled to receive reader mail. You can write to her at: P.O. Box 19495, Minneapolis, MN 55419 or email her at:

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Review- Steal Me by Lauren Layne



Being a cop might be in Anthony Moretti's blood, but protecting and serving the city of New York has always been more than just the family business. If that means his love life stays locked up, well then that's just another sacrifice made in the line of duty. That is, until he sets eyes on the gorgeous new waitress at The Darby Diner and suddenly Anthony's morning coffee is leaving him a whole lot more hot and bothered than usual.

Though waitressing at The Darby isn't exactly Maggie Walker's dream job, it pays the bills and gives her time to work on her novel. Now if only she could stop fantasizing about gorgeous Anthony Moretti every time he sits down at her table, she'd really be in great shape. But when he needs her help identifying a criminal threatening The Darby—and Maggie recognizes her ex-husband—she fears her fresh start might be a pipe dream. Faster than a New York minute, Maggie and Anthony find themselves in one perilous pursuit that only gets hotter with each and every rule-breaking kiss.


While I had liked Frisk Me I hadn't loved it. I wasn't sure I was going to love Steal Me as well but Lauren Layne completely reeled me in with this book. I didn't expect to like both Anthony and Maggie as much as I did and I think that is what mad me love the entire book even more.

Let's start with Anthony. Anthony Moretti is the oldest son and he's recently become a Captain. Coming from a cop family he's always had his professional goals very clear in his head. He's a firm believer that a cop can't be a good cop and a good boyfriend. But he starts questioning all this when he meets Maggie. I loved Anthony. He was so protective of his entire family. He wanted to help Maggie out but he couldn't give her everything she deserved.

Then we have Maggie. Maggie was a sweet heart. She's had a hard childhood. Her alcoholic father and younger brother still mooch off money from her even when she can barely get by herself. Maggie's ex was an asshole and now all Maggie wants to do is work hard on her dream of becoming a published author. I loved Maggie. She had a genuinely good heart and was perfect for Anth.

Anthony and Maggie shared amazing chemistry. I loved how open and forgiving Maggie was. Anthony tries hard to keep his emotions away from all things Maggie but he can't help himself. All he wants to do is protect her from the world and give her everything she wants. I really enjoyed how Maggie and Anth's story went. They deserved each other.

I also loved seeing all the Morettis. Nonna was hilarious and I especially love the relationship all the siblings share. I am so curious to see what is brewing between Vincent and Jill. I can't wait for their story. If you love your romance with a bit of action and a big Italian family, Steal Me is the read for you.

*Note: A copy of this book was provided by the authors/publishers through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. We thank them.

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Book Blitz- A Thousand Unspoken Words by Paulami Duttagupta

A Thousand Unspoken Words 
Paulami Duttagupta 
Publisher: Readomania 

A hero, a person who displays great courage for the greater good, can also fall. But what happens to a fallen hero? A Thousand Unspoken Words is the unique journey of a hero who falls. 

The champion of the underdogs, the writer who uses the nom de plume Musafir is famous in Kolkata. His incisive criticism of the injustices around him earn him many enemies but he holds his ideals above all else. Scathing attacks at his books and a night of hide and seek from political goons leads Musafir unto a path he never liked, faraway from his ideals. He runs away and chooses the comforts of money over the travails of following one’s ideals. The hero falls. 
But Tilottama, passionate fan’s hopes don’t. When he comes back after many years, emotions, love and lust take charge and an affair brews. Will she bring back her hero? Will he rise again? Or will the thousand untold words, the many stories of the ideal writer be lost forever?

Buy @


Wahan kaun hai tera, Musafir jaayega kaha’, the retro radio show played the SD Burman classic. Tilottama looked at her radio once and tears blurred her vision.

‘O Sachin karta this song reminds me of him.’

Tilotamma quickly wiped her eyes and turned the radio off. The day had been taxing enough. She needed to unwind, get Musafir out of her mind. How crazy could some people get? He had just written a fictional piece. How could fiction humiliate a government in power with an absolute majority? Wasn’t this a democracy? How could the supporters of a faith or political party get all insecure and burn his books?

The object of Tilottama’s despair, Musafir, was a writer supposedly based out of Kolkata. He wrote books at irregular intervals, and hid behind the veil of anonymity. His pieces were mostly social commentaries and satires on the state of Bengal. They were all fictional but had come under severe criticism in the past few months. Little paperbacks in funny covers, his books were available in old, rambling, bookstores across the city. Some were also available with the book vendors on the footpaths of the city.

When the news of the pulping of Musafir’s books had reached her a couple of days ago, Tilottama hadn’t thought things would go beyond a protest or two. The people of the city wouldn’t let go of things without a sign of protest. They got agitated at trivial things like who was included in a cricket team, and burned effigies and tyres in protest. They took out processions for Vietnam and Gaza. They could protest against him; but there would also be scores who would come out for her Musafir. They did when Firaz was hounded for his paintings of Goddesses.

‘And when they come out in large numbers, these goons will realize what it feels like standing before a civil society. They just can’t stifle Musafir’, she had confidently told her friends. What she did not realize was Musafir wasn’t exactly popular with the masses. His works were mostly literary and catered to niche readers. Her admiration for him had made her assume he was more popular than he really was.
Things had happened much faster than expected and spiralled out of control. Musafir’s printing press was vandalized and set on fire. Even as she and other Musafir fans watched, his books were dumped into that raging fire; words and hopes lost. The hundred odd fans tried to put up a bravefight, sang songs of freedom and stood with placards. But nothing worked. A couple of local channels had tried to stand by them in solidarity. The protest ended as a camera was smashed by the hoodlums on the road. People started fleeing fearing more violence.

‘They would kill us if they could’, Tilottama angrily spat out. ‘We were just so outnumbered. These were organized cadres. Yes, they were. Their bosses just can’t pretend to be innocent.’

A handful of policemen stood by pretending as if nothing was happening. The printing press was in one of the dingier parts of North Kolkata. It mainly did odd jobs like printing leaflets and bills, a few little magazines etc. and would print Musafir’s books on the sly. That is where he gave shape to his voice. The place was reportedly registered in the name of a man long dead, and people were left guessing who Musafir was. Some said the owner was a refugee who was avenging years of discontent. Some said his son was murdered by members of the ruling party. Some said he was just a frustrated man using the medium to lend himself a voice. To some other the entire idea was amusing and fascinating.

Tilottama grimaced and wiped her face clean. She was cutting a very sorry picture indeed, covered in grime andtears. All she could think of was her Musafir. She fought back her tears wondering what could have happened to her hero. For the past couple of years a strong wind of incumbency was blowing and Musafir’s voice had become stronger. Everything came under Musafir’s attack; from Dhaniajhapi to the burning of monks, the ban on English in government run schools, the apathy in the use of computers and much more. However, recently he had become vocal against all forms of religious appeasement and challenged the special religious laws. He had also set the stage against land acquisition bills, mismanaged industrialization plans and pre-election harangues. Musafir wrote as many books as possible bringing the discrepancies to light. And that is what brought about his downfall.

Tilottama sat on her bed and hugged her knees to her chest and went over the events of the day. She bit back the memory of the man who had asked her to let go of her placard, but that face would just not fade. 

‘What had he called himself,’ she wondered, ‘Ayushmaan . . .no Riddhimaan.’

He was a photographer! How dispassionate could he be?He had watched the carnage, merrily taken snaps and asked her to throw away her placard. If even the press did not come out in support of Musafir, then who would? Weren’t both of them fighting to make the pen immortal? Why was the media silent now; because Musafir didn’t have international backing, or corporate sponsors? She was upset that Poltu had shamelessly praised the man. Riddhimaan and the likes of him would give importance to writers only if they had a South Block or Writers’ Building backing.

‘I wish this government goes down. They will go down. I promise you Musafir they will,’ she told herself.
The loud banging of her window pane broke her reverie. The rains had lashed Kolkata with all their fury that evening. 

‘Even Mother Nature is angry. Drown the city, drown all of us. Since we have nowhere to go and hide our shame,’ Tilottama said aloud.

She continued to rant as she shut the window. She had hurt her finger in the process. Then she walked into her bedroom looking for the first aid box. As she cleaned the cut, the antiseptic made her skin burn and her thoughts drifted to Musafir. There was no way to divert her mind. Maybe reading Musafir would help, or maybe writing. Musafir always said he wrote to look for answers. Maybe she could do that too. But nothing gave her peace; maybe she was obsessed with the writer. The gag on Musafir was beginning to become a personal loss to her.

About Paulami Duttagupta 
Paulami DuttaGupta is a novelist and screen writer. She shuttles between Kolkata and Shillong. She has worked as a radio artist, copy writer, journalist and a television analyst at various stages of her life, having been associated with AIR Shillong, The Times of India—Guwahati Shillong Plus, ETV Bangla, The Shillong Times, Akash Bangla and Sony Aath.As an author, her short stories have appeared in various anthologies and literary magazines. A Thousand Unspoken Words is her fourth book. Paulami also writes on politics, social issues and cinema. Her articles have appeared in Swarajya, The Forthright and NElive. 
Paulami is associated with cinema and her first film, Ri-Homeland of Uncertainty received the National Award for the Best Khasi Film. Her second film Onaatah—Of the Earth is at post production stage and will release in 2016. She is currently working on her third screenplay. A short film tentatively titled ‘Patjhar’ is also in the pipeline.
Paulami is a complete foodie and is almost obsessed with watching one film every day. She also loves reading—political and social commentaries are her favourite genre. Literature classics and books on cricket are also a part of her library, apart from a huge collection of romances. Jane Austen’s fictional character Mr. Darcy is her lifelong companion. She is an ardent fan of Rahul Dravid and has been following all news about him for almost twenty years now.

Stalk her @
Website | Twitter | Facebook 

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Release Blitz- UnCommon Bodies Anthology

Hi, everyone! I'm excited to be part of the release blitz for an anthology called UnCommon Bodies that features stories by some great authors. Happy Release Day to the book and contributors, and let's get on to the post! 

By the way, I have reviewed one story from the book. You can read my review of Laxmi Harihran's Untamed here.


UnCommon Bodies is a collection of stories curated by Pavarti K. Tyler that span across genres to explore the lives of the odd, the unbelievable, and the impossible

UCB Cover

SUMMARY: Step right up to the modern freakshow — We have mermaids, monsters, and more. You won't be disappointed, but you may not get out alive.
UnCommon Bodies presents a collection of 20 beautifully irreverent stories which blend the surreal and the mundane. Imagine a world where magic exists, where the physical form has the power to heal or repulse, where a deal with the devil means losing so much more than your soul.

PRE-ORDER NOW for Release on 11/24. FREE on Kindle Unlimited.

INCLUDES STORIES BY: Philip Harris, Sessha Batto, Robb Grindstaff, Brent Meske, Sally Basmajian, Robert Pope, Keira Michelle Telford, Jordanne FullerMichael Harris Cohen, Deanne Charlton, P.K. Tyler ,Bey Deckard , Vasil Tuchkov, Laxmi Hariharan, Samantha Warren, Rebecca Poole, Daniel Arthur Smith, S.M. Johnson, Kim Wells, Christopher Godsoe, and Bob Williams

You can see the full summaries of all the stories on GoodReads.

To Celebrate, the authors are hosting a Facebook Party on 11/24 Join the Fun! 

And there's more! What? Yep! The Authors are also giving away a Kindle! Enter below:

Thank you so much for stopping by, and happy reading! 

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Review- Hothouse Flower by Krista and Becca Ritchie

In honour of the release of Raisy's Long Way Down last Friday! ♥

Goodreads Summary:

Ryke Meadows, meet Daisy Calloway ... she’s all grown up. 

Twenty-five-year-old Ryke Meadows knows he’s hard to love. With a billion-dollar inheritance, a track-star resume, and an alpha-male personality—he redefines the term likable asshole. But he’s not living to make friends. Or enemies. He just wants to free climb three of the toughest mountains in Yosemite without drama or interruption.

And then he receives a distressed call from a girl in Paris—a girl that he has never been allowed to have.

Daisy Calloway is eighteen. Finally. With her newfound independence, she can say goodbye to her overbearing mother and continue her modeling career. Next stop, Paris. Fashion Week begins with a bang, and Daisy uncovers the ugly reality of the industry. She wants to prove to her family that she can live on her own, but when everything spirals out of control, she turns to Ryke to keep her secrets. 

As Daisy struggles to make sense of this new world and her freedom, she pushes the limits and fearlessly rides the edge. Ryke knows there’s deep hurt beneath every impulsive action. He must keep up with Daisy, and if he lets her go, her favorite motto—“live as if you’ll die today”—may just come true.

New Adult Romance: recommended for readers 18+ for mature content

***Authors' Note***
Hothouse Flower is a spin-off of the Addicted series. Kiss the Sky is required before reading, and we strongly recommend reading the Addicted series before this spin-off. 

Addicted Series Recommended Reading Order

Addicted to You (Addicted #1)
Ricochet (Addicted #1.5) <--- The main characters meet here.
Addicted for Now (Addicted #2)
Kiss the Sky (Spin-Off)(Calloway Sisters #1)
Hothouse Flower (Spin-Off)(Calloway Sisters #2)
Thrive (Addicted #2.5)
Addicted After All (Addicted #3)


Wow. This is, by far, my most favourite book in the Addicted/ Calloway Sisters series. Since we first met Ryke, I've always known that he was a great guy. As I went further into the series, he was just getting better and better. His vocabulary matched mine perfectly and I loved that about him. I was so excited to read his book and I can safely say that I have been mind-blown. Hothouse Flower isn't my only favourite. Ryke is my favourite guy. Daisy is now my favourite Calloway sister. Raisy are my most favourite couple. 

Now I know that there are people who love Lily and Loren. I do too. I also know people who are mad about Rose and Connor. I am too. But the intensity with which I like them is not the same as I loved Daisy and Ryke. I have had my eyes set on them since they met for the first time, and I am so happy that their story totally rocked. Speaking of the story, I don't want to say much because there is a lot that happens. What I do know now for sure is that authors Krista and Becca Ritchie have a way of bringing in drama at the perfect time which kept me at the edge of my seat throughout my reading of this book. That is pure skill. 

In Hothouse Flower, we get into the heads of Daisy Calloway and Ryke Meadows. Daisy is the wild child of the family, and Ryke is just as adventurous. Daisy is truly a hothouse flower as Ryke rightly calls her. The chemistry between the two was always evident to me, and in their own book, the pages were literally on fire with the ever exploding sparks between the two. They worked out their relationship really well. I love how they balance each other out so well, and the most admirable part is that they both have issues which were well addressed by the talented authors. But then again, KBR doing it right isn't a surprise.  

I am seriously out of words. I have loved this book so much. As always, it's not just about the main couple in focus, but about the lovely six people who are family. There's so much more to Hothouse Flower than just Raisy, some of which came as a shock to me, while the rest was obvious. But Ryke really stood out for me. Hello, new book boyfriend! I would end by saying that Hothouse Flower is a lovely book full of surprising drama, enticing twists, interesting relationships, zigzagging plot, marvellous writing and most importantly, a satisfying and impressive story. 


Friday, November 20, 2015

Blog/ Book Tour: Guest Post + Giveaway- Long Way Down by Krista and Becca Ritchie

Hi, guys! You have no idea how excited I am to finally help two of my most favourite New Adult writers for one of my most favourite New Adult series- Krista and Becca Ritchie for their latest, Long Way Down, book #4 of Calloway Sisters and book #3.2 of Addicted series. 

Before I start rambling too much about my love for Raisy and my extreme love for Ryke and end up eating this post, let's just get on to what's in store for you. Also, for more information about the tour, especially to see what everyone else has going on (which you do not want to miss), go here

Title: Long Way Down
Authors: Krista & Becca Ritchie
Series: Calloway Sisters #4
Pub Date: November 20th, 2015

You know what means, right? Happy Release Day to Long Way Down! I'm so happy I get to feature the book on our blog on it's release day. 

*throws confetti* *hugs Raisy* Okay, okay. *hugs Ryke* *never lets go*

Amazon: Purchase links not available until November 20th


With a seven-year age difference, Ryke & Daisy have faced an uphill battle in the eyes of the world and their families. Known as the most adventurous, fast-paced couple — their next step has always been elusive to the rabid media.

Behind the scenes, heartbreaking troubles continue to test Ryke & Daisy’s resilience and shape their future together.

They promise:

To never slow down.
To never compromise who they are.
To never abandon their love for each other.

But preserving their happiness also means adding more risks. Ones that Connor Cobalt wouldn’t even take. As a professional free-solo climber, Ryke is no stranger to risk, but his next step with Daisy wagers more than just his health.

With their lives on the line, Ryke & Daisy head towards the vast, wild unknown in this epic final conclusion to the Addicted series.


Krista & Becca Ritchie are New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors and identical twins—one a science nerd, the other a comic book geek—but with their shared passion for writing, they combined their mental powers as kids and have never stopped telling stories. Now in their early twenties, they write about other twenty-somethings navigating through life, college, and romance. They love superheroes, flawed characters, and soul mate love. 




On rainy days, Ryke & Daisy enjoy snuggling on their bed and marathoning television shows. Sometimes they’ll flip through channels and pick a show—other times they’ll watch them on Netflix. Whatever the case, these are their Top Ten Favorites to binge-watch together!


Ryke loves action-packed, adventure shows, and Xena fits everything that captures his attention for long periods of time. Daisy loves strong female heroines with super best girl friends like Gabrielle is to Xena. Badass women fighting evil—Daisy is game.

 photo tumblr_nm92w3DulM1tdy0nco1_500_zpsiusrib2t.gif
Daisy spaces out a lot at all the in-depth history parts, but when the Viking women and men come on screen—with their lovely braids and brute strength and spirituality—Daisy is zoned in. Ryke listens to the plot a little more than Daisy, but he loves her commentary about braids and fur.


They spend almost the entire time talking about which one of them would compete which challenge and if they’d be good at the detours and road blocks.


Daisy spaces out a lot during Chicago Fire—unless they’re fighting the fires or saving people from wrecked cars and drainage ditches. Ryke actually likes the relationship dynamics, and he’ll catch up Daisy on sub-plots.


 photo tumblr_ncbssrx71X1s90pjno1_500_zpstu2xr4fj.gif

Daisy loves the scenery and the accents and the hot Scottish men. Ryke watches Daisy get into the show more than the actual show. Lots of Raisy flirting happens during Outlander marathons.


 photo tumblr_n0roisAokk1rzvnudo1_400_zpsplsgkeok.gif



One of their favorite shows they’ve ever watched together. Daisy had no idea what was going on half the time, but she loved every second. Ryke even rewound scenes, just to piece things together. He was that invested.


Ryke’s second favorite show. He will watch reruns when it airs. Daisy loves how much he loves these old mountain men.


 photo tumblr_n0ydmpqXJ11qatuw0o2_250_zpsurmxmvtt.gif

Ryke’s #1 favorite show. Daisy loves it because it’s also an adventure competition, so they both like to guess who’ll win each race.


Daisy’s favorite show! Ryke will watch this with her almost every time they turn on the television. They’ve seen episodes multiple times, and sometimes, if it helps Daisy fall asleep, he’ll turn on the television and have Naked and Afraid playing in the background. True love.


5 - $20 Amazon Gift Cards
3 - Signed Paperbacks of LONG WAY DOWN

Both giveaways are open internationally!

Go here if the form doesn't load. 

I wish this post would never end, but you know how it goes. Anyway, I seriously am so happy that I could finally feature these gorgeous authors and their incredible characters on our blog. *happy dances* An infinite THANK YOU to Krista, Becca, Daisy and my boy Ryke for taking the time out to stop by our tiny blog. I love you guys! And thank you, readers, for stopping by!