Authors Corner

Authors Corner:

As the name suggest, Authors Corner is dedicated to Janhvi and Sarika's rock-stars, their idols, the people they look up to, respect and love... Authors. All the Author Interviews, Guests Posts and Character Interviews that The Readdicts Book Blog hosts can be found here, along with Read-alongs of which the girls are one of the hosts, book events that they attend and blog tours they proudly host. 

Author Interviews-

Scott Cramer (Night Of The Purple Moon)

Gwynneth White (Pledged)

Karoleen Vry Brucks (Valley Of Dust)

Faraaz Kazi (Truly, Madly, Deeply)

Laura Lee (Angel)

Sid Bahri (The Homing Pigeons...)

Faith Sullivan (Unexpected and Heartbeat series)

Rishi Vohra (Once Upon The Tracks Of Mumbai)

Kavita Kane (Karna's Wife)

Ruchi Vasudeva (Bollywood Fiance For A Day)

Pooja Wanpal (Love and Lokpal)

Suman Bhattacharya (Error Code Love)

Michelle Cohen Corasanti (The Almond Tree)

Sharath Komarraju (The Winds Of Hastinapur)

Ramendra Kumar (Mohini)

Pulkit Gupta, Srivatsan Sridharan and Tnahsin Garg (The Prophecy of Trivine)

Rachel Roberts (The Medea Complex)

Ann Herrick (Love, Life and Surviving High School)

Bhargavi Balachandran (The Crossover Year)

Shuchi Singh Karla (Done With Men)

Ankur Ashta (Heart, Mind and Wallet)

Kathryn White (Cats, Scarves and Liars)

Vikrant Khanna (Love Lasts Forever...)

Rasleen Syal (Happily murdered....)

Reshma K. Barshikar (Fate Into Red)

Kalyani Rao (Bubble Wrap)

Kajol Aikat (Unsocial Amigos)

Anurag Anand (Birth of the Bastard Prince)

Ankit Kumar (On a Drive With Life)

Leonard Kim (The Etiquette of Social Media)

Laura Lee (Identity Theft)

Shalabh Bansal (The Pluperfect Gift)

Character Interviews- 

Ian Finnerty from Angel by Laura Lee

Adam from Out of the Cave by Cotton E. Davis

Guest Posts- 

Favourite Bands/Songs by Bonnie Erina Wheeler

Modern Edge by Phil Stern

Indian Experience by Paul H. Magid

Writing Process by Liesel K. Hill

Two Kinds of Love by Taylor Dean

Interactions by Scott Cramer

Top Ten Bookish Fictional Characters by India Book Store

An Interview With A Vam... Neanderthal by Cotton E. Davis

Four Core Themes of It's Never Too Late by Priyanka Baranwal

Ten Yakshi Facts by Neelima Vinod

You wanna' be my chamak challo?? by Adiana Ray

Is reading novels a waste of time? by Sameer Kamat

Starlight Saga Song List by Sherry Soule

Top Ten Reasons to Read 'And We Remained' by Asad Ali Junaid

Ten Facts about the "Beautiful series" by Alicia Rae

Why Airports are Great for Writers by Adi Alsaid

Top Ten Random Facts about the "Starlight Saga" by Sherry Soule

My Writing Process by Adi Alsaid

Writing Blocked by Jennifer Lane

Top Ten Quotes from Hooked, Lined & Single by Rashmi Kumar

Top Ten Songs by Namrata

My Journey with Shanti by F.T. Camargo

Ryke and Daisy's Top Ten Favourite TV Shows


Immortals of Meluha by Amish Tripathi

The Homing Pigeons... by Sid Bahri

Left From Dhakeshwari by Kunal Sen

Just The Way You Are by Sanjeev Ranjan

Book Events-

The Homing Pigeons... by Sid Bahri

Blog Tours-

The Other Side by Faraaz Kazi and Vivek Banerjee

Happily Murdered.... by Rasleen Syal

Glorious Uncertainties by PeeKay