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Review- The Isapuram Tales by Anita Satyajit

Book 1- The Chameleon Effects and Other Stories

Book 2- Lights, Camera, Action and Other Stories 


Book 2- 

"Opposite game?" asked Diya. This sounded interesting. She was always interested in new games. So much fun!

Diya loves her family and friends, hates home-work, has a vivid imagination, gets into trouble, and thinks elders don't understand children! She is also super curious about everything. When her head and heart start buzzing with doubts or confusions, Diya heads straight to Baba for answers. After all, Baba is a spiritual teacher, the most respected man in Isapuram.

Lights, Camera, Action and other stories is a book about intuition, emotions, friendships, life and death. These short stories are based on the everyday lives of Diya, her friends, and their interactions with Baba.

What are the invisible ears? What happens when Diya misunderstands Biju? Can Diya understand how to deal with anger? Read the book to know more!

Release date: July 15th 2020 and January 31st 2020


What a joy it is to read children’s books!

Author Anita Satyajit has truly created something heartwarming and enjoyable with her Isapuram Tales, stories packed with fun and some important life lessons. The kind of wisdom shared in this wonderful collection of short stories is something that takes years and years to understand. To have put it in a manner that is comfortable, easy and interesting for children is something Anita has excelled at. Even for adults like me, the two books in Isapuram Tales were a walk down memory lane, providing me a good couple of hours of escape from reality but in its beautiful way, telling me all about reality itself. Not a dull moment even once, the stories in this collection are packed with love, laughter, wisdom, lessons and friendship.

Diya, like any kid, is a curious cat and wants to know all about the world. Luckily for her, the mystic Baba is her neighbour and is more than happy to impart his wisdom to the young minds. Baba’s character really stood out and was well done, in the sense that he seemed like someone we would all like to meet and know. Diya herself was a spark of positive and hopeful energy. With lessons about almost all the important things in life, explained in a way that is not only easy to understand, but also intriguing to read about, packed with some teasing and an easygoing adult-child friendship, Diya and Baba made for an amazing duo.

The best part about buying these books is that the proceeds will go to charity, which speaks volumes about the author. I would highly recommend these books not just for the cause which is resin enough honestly, but these stories are gems that I see children cherishing and finding a home in.

*Note: A copy of this book was provided by Anita Satyajit in exchange for an honest review. We thank them.

Review- The People Tree by Beetashok Chatterjee


Do you want to read stories that will take you to places all over this country and to faraway lands? Do you also want to read stories that will take you back in time—decades, even centuries? Then you must taste the fruit of The People Tree. Here are fourteen stories for you, a veritable potpourri of tales, each different from the other in style and substance. From the Khalistan insurgency in Punjab to a glimpse of the Mumbai underworld. From a doomed love affair in Hyderabad to a mature gay relationship. From a lifelong friendship formed in unusual circumstances to the pangs of a schoolboy crush to robbing an art museum there is something in this collection for everybody. And more. Love, loss, survival, lust, deception, greed Beetashok Chatterjee has covered them all. And more. 

Release date: July 1st 2021
Published by: Readomania
Page numbers: 192


Author Beetashok Chatterjee’s second book, The People Tree - the first being Driftwood - is a collection of fourteen short stories. Firstly, the title of this collection is so apt and creative, just like it’s cover. For a book to have a catchy title and an attractive cover is already a huge plus. To add to it, however, the contents of this book are also brilliant, which is the cherry on the cake, making The People Tree a must read.

While one story talks about a mature homosexual relationship, another talks about the relation between parents and children. Then there are stories about the Khalistan insurgence in Punjab and the 9/11 tragedy. Then there’s a story about heartbreak, one about gambling and another about a love that ended too soon. And these are only few of them. There are many more brilliant stories that are bound to keep the reader engrossed, escaping reality for a while.

All the stories in this collection take the reader on a journey that explores the entire plethora of human emotions in a manner that is relatable, simple and heartwarming. Written in a language that is crisp, easygoing and flawless makes the book even better. The only drawback with this collection is that it is too short. Author Beetashok Chatterjee’s storytelling and writing are such that they make the reader want more. There’s something truly captivating about them.

Overall, The People Tree is a lovely and brilliant collection that I see myself going back to at some point and highly recommend to all readers.

*Note: A copy of this book was provided by Readomania in exchange for an honest review. We thank them.

Review- Beautiful Mess by Yuktha Asrani


Whoever said you can’t have your cake and eat it too, had yet to meet Chirag Malhotra. Born into wealth and fame, Chirag has a life many could only dream of. Constantly on a winning streak with the ladies, Chirag is the most sought-after bachelor in Delhi. The unexpected strikes and Chirag is smitten from the moment a curly-haired hot mess steps out of a plane. Kajol is completely off-limits, but the sparks between them can melt glaciers.

Kajol Kapoor is down in the dumps, living a hard life in New York City. But a surprise thrown her way turns her life topsy-turvy. It just so happens that Kajol needs a favour and Chirag is more than happy to oblige. Chirag is her best friend’s brother. He is the one-man Kajol truly wants but knows she can’t have. She hopes to mask her insane attraction for him just like she had been doing in the past. As Kajol gets to know the real Chirag, she discovers there is more to the man behind the fat bank account and the Casanova image.

Would she complete her project with her heart intact, or would she give into temptation?

Release date: July 16th 2021
Published by: Self-published
Page numbers: 306


After reading and enjoying author Yuktha Asrani’s first novel, Handcuffed to Love, the sweet story of Saanvi and Sean, I was pretty excited to read her new one, Beautiful Mess. This book is the love story of Kajol and Chirag, Saanvi’s best friend and brother. The two obviously made an appearance in the first book, which- when I look back now- was just the right amount of tease for readers to be intrigued by their chemistry.

Kajol is going through a rough patch when the news of her grandmother leaving her all property hits here out of nowhere. Keen on making something of this situation, she decides to travel to Delhi from New York to work on turning the house into a BnB, with the help of her best friend’s Saanvi’s brother, Chirag. From the sweet to the sizzling scenes, Kajol ans Chirag are an instant hit. Their story is full of everything that makes a romance novel work.

Not as good as Handcuffed to Love, Beautiful Mess, in its own way, is a beautiful story of two wonderful people who take us through their amazing journey. While the book was slightly slow paced, all that was happening kind of made up for it by keeping the reader curious about what would follow. Not the biggest fan of romances, this one took me a while to finish and managed to keep me entertained. It was a good escape from reality!

*Note: A copy of this book was provided by Yuktha Asrani in exchange for an honest review. We thank them.

Saturday, July 31, 2021

Review- Love Thy Neighbour... Caught by Dimple Somji


At the risk of sounding clichéd, we all want the same thing as the generations before us — love. And here’s a little secret — no generation ever knows what they want till they have it or have just lost it. Everyone is looking for the same thing: a deep and fulfilling relationship. No one can deny that the term “love” has completely changed definitions and meanings during the millennial generation. Love Thy Neighbour…Caught! is an innocent and untainted view of what love is and was Before Millennials and the transition of relationship between the spouses After Millennials! It is a poetic rendition of the journey of love and her beloved in the era of 1999- a love story without cellphones. This is a journey of two souls who have grown up together, living each day with utmost love, gratitude and neighbourliness (pun intended) for each other. It will journey you down to another place and time, when people Lived, not just existed. When couples fell asleep in the comfort of arms and not in the blue light of television playing Netflix. There are anecdotes from a personal love story spanning across a period of 20 years- a love that was modern enough to survive the times but old fashioned enough to last forever. It brings out love in its purest form – a love that survived all odds of an inter-caste marriage. A Hindu girl married a Muslim boy on the day of Christmas! Get a glimpse into the life of this rom com that will leave you inspired to believe in the magic of love, reveal secrets of a solid relationship and fill you with hope to write our own perfectly flawed love story! Through this debut book, the author is keen to keep her inbox and heart open, for you to share your love, your ambiguity about love and reach out for relationship advice. Come lose yourself in her world.

Release date: July 20th 2021
Published by: Self Publishing
Page numbers: 130


A Hindu girl and a Muslim boy falling in love and getting married on Christmas sounded like a dramatic, fun and intriguing premise. When Dimple Somji sent me a copy of her book, it came with an adorable hand written note and a candy, which I thought was very touching and heartwarming. Little did I know that the book would be somewhat the same.

Love Thy Neighbour… Caught is Dimple’s real life love story with her husband Alnesh, which she decided to pen down and publish as a gift. It’s very much evident throughout the book which spans from anecdotes to poems to pictures that all of this comes from the heart. In a simple language, the errors in which were way to overlook, Dimple takes us with her on her journey of love and life, which is wonderful.

This surely is a one of its kind book that could be the best gift anyone could for. Imagine your lover dedicating an entire book to your story! A short, simple, quick and sweet read, it took me barely two hours to finish this one which was a much needed break from reality. If looked at as a personal gift or recollection of memories, this one is sure to bring a smile to your face. The best part about Love Thy Neighbour… Caught is the little glimpses of hope and life lessons that come with it.

*Note: A copy of this book was provided by Dimple Somji in exchange for an honest review. We thank them.

Monday, July 26, 2021

Cover Reveal- Twilight's Temptation by Shilpa Suraj



The ace photographer and the supermodel, they should have been a match made in heaven. Instead, they fought like the demons of hell. 

Complicated, surly, and sexy, Manav Apte was probably the only photographer who resented his muse. From the day he’d seen her, there had been no other. Unfortunately, she was the one woman he could never have. 

Passionate, talented, and gorgeous, Diana Severes refused to give the temperamental ass behind the camera the satisfaction of knowing he got under her skin. It was, however, impossible not to notice him or his glowering disapproval that trailed her everywhere she went. 

Their dislike and distrust of each other is legendary in the fashion industry and yet, the sparks that fly when they come together for work are enough to light the sets on fire. 

Will the Golden Girl of India’s fashion scene be able to see beyond his hatred to the love he’s desperately trying to mask? And will the country’s most talented photographer realise that his true talent lies not in what he views through his lens but what he sees through the filter of his heart?

About the Author:

Shilpa Suraj wears many hats - corporate drone, homemaker, mother to a fabulous toddler and author.

An avid reader with an overactive imagination, Shilpa has weaved stories in her head since she was a child. Her previous stints at Google, in an ad agency and as an entrepreneur provide colour to her present day stories, both fiction and non-fiction.

Contact the Author:
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Review- Seeds to Stars by Raunak Mhetre


Seeds to stars is a collection of poems, a concoction of thoughts put into beautiful verses ready to tickle the reader’s mind.

It’s divided into four sections with poems which have something on offer for every type of reader.

It has beautiful general poems, love and related thoughts, engaging and hard hitting poems and stories revolving around the sky.

It’s a trip through my mind you need to take.

Release date: June 4th 2021
Published by: Notion Press
Page numbers: 202


When I first got to know that my student for a while Raunak has written a collection of poetry, I was quite looking forward to it, and the writer was kind to send me a copy of the book. As someone who is slowly getting into poetry, I was genuinely curious to know what this collection would hold and I must say that I was quite impressed.

A collection of poetry, this book is systematically divided into four parts: Beautiful general poems, Love and related thoughts, Engaging and hard hitting poems and Cosmos and stories beyond. While each part is unique in its own way, I found the second and third parts to be extremely well thought of and expressed. Raunak’s writing, even with its simpleness or perhaps exactly because of that, manages to touch the right chord.

Seeds to Stars is straight from the heart with poems that are simple and relatable. These are the kind of poems that make you feel comfortable and connected with others, solving the purpose of sharing words. Definitely a poet to look out for, Raunak has heaps of potential and there’s quite a bunch to look forward to from him.

To pack in so much emotion in one collection itself is quite a feat which Raunak has nailed quite well. If you are also trying to get into poetry, this one is surely a great read to start with.

*Note: A copy of this book was provided by Raunak Mhetre in exchange for an honest review. We thank them.

Review- Her Prince Charming by Sundari Venkatraman


It’s instantaneous attraction when Tanuja Bhatia from Delhi meets Raj Malhotra from Bombay at the Bombay Central Station.

The mutual attraction soon blossoms into love over the next couple of meetings.

Tanuja and her simple father fail to see the crisis brewing in their own home. Her not-so-nice stepmother Gurinder is totally against the idea of Tanuja meeting her Prince Charming which would make her step-sister Harpreet seriously envious. By the way, Harpreet’s main aim in life is to simply make her half-sister miserable.

While Raj’s parents and Tanuja’s father try to arrange a marriage between the two with a help of a mutual friend, the evil stepmother comes up with a plan of her own—to marry her stepdaughter off to Sonu, a good-for-nothing idiot.

Can Her Prince Charming lift Tanuja out of this life of drudgery and boredom and give her the happiness she deserves?


Release date: March 2019
Published by: Flaming Ink


Not a fan of romances, I had been seeing but not really wanting to read author Sundari Venkatraman’s books through Rubina Ramesh’s work for years now. When I started following and interacting with the author on Instagram and got to know how wonderful she is, I was curious to give her romances a go. Sundari ma’am was kind to offer me a copy of Her Prince Charming, which turned out to be a really good read that I devoured in two days.

A classical romance set in Delhi and Bombay of 1970s, Her Prince Charming is the story of Tanuja, a beautiful girl who is mistreated by her stepmother and stepsisters. She then meets Raj Malhotra, the two fall in love and the rest, as they say, is history. A Cinderella like romance, I really enjoyed going back in time with this one. It was amazing to sit back and read about love the way I grew up knowing about it. There was something truly endearing about this story that made a non romance lover like me smile.

Although there are quite a few instances in the book that would be considered problematic in today’s day and age, for the time it is set in, Her Prince Charming, above anything else, is a really good story and does its job wonderfully of helping the reader escape reality for a while. A sweet story with characters that make it both relatable and fun, I loved going back in time the most with this book.

The small details like food, places in the two cities and clothes did not go unnoticed and added so much charm and beauty to this story. Author Sundari Venkatraman’s writing is simple and beautiful, just like her. I really enjoyed this book and am looking forward to reading- surprise surprise- more romances from her.

*Note: A copy of this book was provided by Sundari Venkataraman in exchange for an honest review. We thank them.