Friday, February 18, 2022

Review- Vicious Traditions


Love. Betrayal. Murder.

A girl's curiosity leads her to a vampire coven.

A lonely driver searches the night for runaway girls with devastating consequences.

An aging actress will do anything to preserve her beauty.

A child's tale about a witch in a forest proves to be more than a simple tale.

VICIOUS TRADITIONS is a collection of short stories about dark and twisted encounters with the supernatural and the unexplained. Sometimes the line between reality and madness is razor thin. You will be lead on a dark and creepy journey where you'll constantly look behind your back. What's that unexpected sound? Is that a shadow or a creature? Delve into the darkness if you dare.

Release date: February 2nd 2022
Published by: Twisted Wing Productions
Page numbers: 353


Another book full of interesting, spine-chilling, gorgeous and absolutely well written short stories by Azzurra Nox, Vicious Traditions is unputdownable and full of surprises in the most positive way possible, because no story is even slightly similar. Azzurra honestly creates magic with the way she writes women centric horror stories that are grotesque, raw, dangerous and easy to read with her brilliant writing and impeccable storytelling.

Every story in this collection takes up a theme that is unique in its own way and has something intriguing to recount and contemplate in terms of the way stuff generally is, in the sense of how there is always a back story behind why someone is the way they are. While each and every story in this collection is worth it, some favourites that stood out are: Baby Teeth, Silent Ivy Hotel, The Invasion, Lake of Sin and Good Sister, Bad Sister. Even these five stories are so different from each other that it doesn’t seem like they’d fit in the same collection, but everything about the entire book is perfect.

A highly recommended if you’re a fan of horror, Vicious Traditions is a quick read that is bound to leave you feeling afraid in the most brilliant way possible. Another gem by the diva that is Azzurra!

*Note: A copy of this book was provided by Azzurra Nox in exchange for an honest review. We thank them.

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