Friday, February 18, 2022

Review- The Last Latte by Dilshan Boange

Release date: 2020
Published by: Darshana
Page numbers: 135


Dilshan is someone I’ve known for years from Twitter. I would read his tweets, shared by my friend Ankita, who recently put us in touch, and when I got to know that Dilshan has a book out, I knew I had to read it. Forever grateful for these two lovely friends, I am also grateful that I got to read this incredible book, which was so well done. I did not know what to expect from this book, but I must say that I was really impressed, so much that it still lingers on my mind because of its wonderful narration.

The Last Latte is the story of two friends, Christy and Steve, who start a great coffee lounge in Colombo, which soon becomes a hit and is visited by not only big names from Sri Lanka, but from all over the world. During the troubled times of the Indo-China war, Sri Lanka is left hanging for life. This was one aspect of the book that really moved me. It was touching and saddening to know how the country was affected, seeing as it often gets left aside in the bigger picture. This book gives an excellent insight into how troubled times affect people, cities and countries.

Christy and Steve meet at Christy’s Caffe Lounge on the same day they opened it, almost 20 years later, when the times are tough. The two friends bond over all the superb memories they have created together which they will cherish for life, while brewing one last cup of the lounge’s popular white chocolate latte. The entire process of preparing this tempting beverage was written in a manner that was neat. While it did seem long, the explanation did not even once seem tiring or monotonous, and Dilshan’s storytelling ability and talent deserve all the credit for that.

Dilshan has mindfully and skillfully written about just one day in more than 120 pages without leaving even a single second for anything to get boring. His simple, neat and brilliant writing coupled with his meticulous narration and the overall gloomy yet comfortable ambiance of this entire book, make it a great read that will leave the reader feeling empty yet fulfilled. The characters seem like you have known them for as long as they have known each other, with just the right number of references to their growing up together and how the bond between the two kept strengthening. Quite reminiscent of that one childhood friendship that will last a lifetime, Christy and Steve will take you down the nostalgic road, which is always a beautiful and sad (in the most positive way) journey.

A book I would highly recommend, check this one out for the writing, narration, lots of laughter and friendship. But above all, check it out to know about the amazing country that is Sri Lanka and its beautiful people, who make you feel at home and welcome, even in fiction. Christy and Steve are literally people you would love to meet one day. A really well done book, this one!

*Note: A copy of this book was provided by Dilshan Boange in exchange for an honest review. We thank them.


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