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Review- Dancing Mirrors by Rakhi Sunil Kumar

Goodreads Summary:

Dancing Mirrors' - a soft, peppy and fresh romantic fiction which takes love as its central focus and attempts to discover emotions and other ingredients, apart from love, that are vital towards ensuring a lasting and happy relationship in the future. 

Naina Handa, a young, beautiful and aspiring ballet dancer yet Gen-next girl of facebook era, who falls in love with Raj through internet friendship and comes to India to explore their relationship more, but soon decides to move realizing that they are poles apart. 

Later she meets Aaryan Oberoi. Rich and Handsome. Completely opposite to Raj. Except they look the same, a mirror image. Can Aaryan fulfill what she desired from Raj?

Dancing Mirrors, the beautiful journey of Naina; her love, disbeliefs,dilemmas and confusions, which will make one think Why do we love someone?


*NOTE: We (The Readdicts) received a copy of Dancing Mirrors from author Rakhi Sunil Kumar in exchange for an honest review. We thank Rakhi for the book! 

Dancing Mirrors is the story of Naina Handa, who, after meeting and chatting with Raj online, decides to come all the way from London to India to meet the guy she has fallen in love with. For Naina, Raj is her prince, her knight in shinning armour and in her heart, she knows that he is the perfect guy for her. But the minute she lays eyes on him, she hates him. 
From there begins the journey of Naina and Raj and their journey of finding love. 
Dancing Mirrors reminded me a lot of the 2007 Bollywood blockbuster, Jab We Met starring Kareena Kapoor and Shahid Kapoor. 
When author Rakhi Sunil Kumar emailed us about her book and when I read the summary of Dancing Mirrors, I really wanted to read the book. And though the story was something new, the many many editorial mistakes were what put me off. The writing was, in my opinion, very rushed and middling. Sentences seemed incomplete and I found it very difficult to separate what Naina was saying from what she was thinking. Despite the short and rather average writing, the story is quite alright. 
Naina, as a protagonist, was naive, confused and extremely whiny and Raj came with his multiple personalities and rather harsh attitude. In spite of the lack of development of the characters, both Naina and Raj were sweet people with their own flaws and insecurities.
The fact that, in today's day and age, when besides just chat, there are so many other platforms where you can look more into a person that you meet online and find out more about them (if they really interest you, of course), is an open option. Even then, Naina doesn't do anything, relies on Raj's sweet-talk and makes the life changing decision of coming to meet him.  
Naina is so confused, she can't even make a decision properly. And though I have a soft spot for Raj because he seemed like a genuinely nice person, his rather rummy way of winning Naina's heart was quite crazy and a bit too filmy. I liked Raj, I really did and maybe he is the sole reason why I sat through the book. 
I know that I am not the best person to judge, but after having read so many books, even I can say that Dancing Mirrors is a hunky-dory  read. 
Author Rakhi Sunil Kumar's book has a good plot and with some improvements here and there, it definitely has the potential of being a good read. 
Dancing Mirrors was the first ever physical book that we received for reviewing and so, the book will always have an important place on my bookshelf. 




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