Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Teaser Tuesday #69

Teaser Tuesday is a weekly bookish meme hosted by Miz B of A Daily Rythm. Anyone can play along!

For this week's teaser, I have a few lines from the Foreword of Jaffna Street by Mir Khaled, written by Rajiv Kumar. These lines are so true and something I personally believe in as well. 

History, as a historian friend would always scold me, is more than a mere narration of events; events affect people and they are the ones who live through times bad and good. As a matter of fact, history parallels the lives of people that live through it and is best understood through their ordeals and travails. 

-Jaffna Street by Mir Khaled, Foreword by Rajiv Kumar 

Goodreads Summary: 

In 1989, an adolescent schoolboy from downtown Srinagar watched as his elders extricated themselves from university campuses, high-school grounds, handloom machines and farms to bear arms and fight a war of attrition against the Indian state.

Twenty-two years on, Jaffna Street was born from his explorations of the human dimension of the conflict appositely termed the Kashmir tragedy. Combining anecdotes, personal memories and extended interviews, the author takes us behind the scenes and headlines into Srinagar city’s ‘notorious’ perpetually politically charged downtown as well as its upper cityside belt to create a panoramic portrait of recent Kashmir history. He profiles ordinary people—hitmen, insurgents, artisans, failed Marxist intellectuals, mystics, exiles, gangsters and ordinary individuals—who wouldn’t make it even to the footnotes of history but have been crucial first-hand witnesses, participants or victims of some of the important events that marked the tumultuous and violent years of the insurgency.

Jaffna Street attempts to trace these individual trajectories by exploring significant events in their lives within the wider adumbrate of history, without losing sight of the big picture.

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  1. Ooh interesting teaser! Hope you enjoy the rest!

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  2. At least get the author's name right and the book's title right as well. I mean it is on the f*cking cover you've posted on this page. So yeah, no "Jaffma Street by Mir Khaled", it is "Jaffna Street" by Mir Khalid, as the cover clearly shows (DUH!)


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