Friday, October 13, 2017

Review- Sweet Time by Nina Lane


Stuck in a boring insurance job, vivacious Mia Donovan has spent the last few years searching for her life's true path. She fills her time helping plan the wedding of her best friend to the CEO of the Sugar Rush Candy Company.

Mia has also been trying to attract the impossibly rigid Sugar Rush security chief Gavin Knight. But for well over a year, the unyielding Mr. Knight has ignored her, despite her short skirts, tight sweaters, and patently obvious flirting. And when he finally approaches her, it's only to assess the wedding plans for potential security risks.

A former soldier, Gavin has intercepted hostile anonymous letters threatening the high-profile wedding. Determined to keep everyone safe, he's forced to work with the maddeningly sexy Miss Donovan of the thousand-watt charm and irresistible body.

Irked by Gavin's many months of disregard, Mia takes her teasing flirtations to a whole new level. But her coquettish ways are no match for the edgy, lust-fueled dominant he conceals behind his impassive exterior. And when Gavin exerts his full control, Mia discovers he can protect everything except her heart.

Release date: October 10th, 2017
Published by: Snow Queen Publishing
Page numbers: 164


I have read quite a few books by Nina Lane and I especially love her Spiral of Bliss series. Sweet Time is the part of the Sugar Rush series which is a series of contemporary romances which follow on a lighter note. Though this is a part of the series Sweet Time can be easily read as a stand alone novel. The Sugar Rush series follows the Stone family and their love stories but Sweet Time was a bit of a deviation from that. This is the story of Gavin  who is the Sugar Rush security Chief and Mia.

Mia was such a fun character. She was always bright and optimistic and had a personality to go along with it. Mia has been trying so hard to seduce Gavin since almost a year but she has failed time and time again. I really enjoyed Mia's character. She was a normal girl who was stuck in a rut with a boring job. She had her insecurities but she wanted to live life to the fullest.

Then we have Gavin. Gavin is a former soldier and he has seen far too much in life to be anything but cynical. Especially about love and relationships. He in fact even distances himself from the entire Stone clan to keep himself aloof of emotions. Resisting Mia is hard but he is doing it. When Mia and he have to work together circumstances change.

I truly enjoyed Gavin and Mia as a couple. It was a case of opposites attract but it worked so so well. Nina Lane just knows how to write romance and she expertly weaves Mia and Gavin together while staying true to their individual personalities. Gavin was the cynic but Mia made him want to believe in love.

Sweet Time was also filled with lots of steamy scenes. Mia and Gavin's opposing natures don't deter them from getting together. In fact they are like two puzzle pieces fitting together to complete the picture. The only complaint I have of Sweet Time is that I wish it were longer. The book got over way too fast for me. I can't wait to see what Nina Lane has coming up next in the Sugar Rush series.

*Note: A copy of this book was provided by the author/publisher in exchange for an honest review. We thank them.

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