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Review- My American Nightmare - Women in Horror Anthology by Azzurra Nox

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For Fans of American Horror Story, Stephen King, Joe Hill, and Danielle Vega.

America, land of the free, land of the brave, land of nightmares? A group of female authors come together in this collection of creepy tales and psychological horror stories to bring you chills and disturbing images that won't leave you long after you're done reading. From zombies to rural small towns, to the foggy New England to the glamour of Hollywood, each story focuses on a diverse aspect of living in America and the horror found in bullying, being the “new girl,” starting your first job, and navigating the murky waters of adolescence and all the terrifying changes that come with it. Bold and haunting, My American Nightmare encompasses daring stories from new voices in the horror genre. This collection will unsettle your nerves and linger in your mind, demonstrating that women can show you a nuance of horror that isn't always evident from the male perspective.

Dare to take a walk on the dark side.

Angela Sylvaine - Ballad of Sorrow and Lila 
Amelia Kibbie – We Kill The Skullman
R. A. Goli – Mr. Buttons' Tea Party 
Jamie Kahn – The Poison & The Ivy 
Rachel Bolton- The Girl & The Yellow Wallpaper 
Hillary Lyon - Boys' Night Out 
Nicky Peacock – She Looked Like Krystal Sparkle 
Spinster Eskie - Angie's Change 
Sheri Kreitner - The Pickman Sisters of Salem 
Sierra Ryan – Volunteer 
Kara Nelson - The Eye 
E.F. Schraeder – Night Moves 
Andrea Teare – 39 Days 
Heather Miller - The Stars 
Marnie Azzarelli – When Evacuating Pennsylvania 
Erica Ruhe - Perle 
Phoebe Jane Johnson - Ruby 
Azzurra Nox - Whatever Happened to Peyton Rose?
Kara Dennison - Billson

Release date: October 31st 2017
Published by: Twisted Wing Productions
Page numbers: 250


When author Azzurra Nox contacted me about My American Nightmare, I could not say no to reading it because I loved her Doll Parts and was waiting for something more ever since. One of the points that intrigued me is the fact that My American Nightmare is a collection of nineteen horror stories written by female writers, which is so cool and exciting. Now I tend to be a chicken when it comes to horror stories, but I knew I had to give this one a go, and I'm so glad I did because all the stories in this anthology were spine-chilling, super duper interesting and so well written.

Every story in this collection is so unique and well done that it made me want to have each one as a separate novel because I either wanted to know more or I thought it would make for a great book. Not that the stories weren't great on their own; in fact, they were straight up breathtaking. Some of my absolutely favourites of the nineteen (and the ones I'd definitely reread in the future) are: The Eye by Kara Nelson, The Poison and the Ivy by Jamie Kahn, Angie's Change by Spinster Eskie, The Ballad of Sorrow and Lila by Angela Sylvaine and Whatever Happened to Peyton Rose? by Azzurra Nox. And if I am to shortlist two stories is that are an absolute must-read, they would have to the last two of the ones mentioned, although I really, really loved The Ballad of Sorrow and Lila the most; it was such an incredible story! 

My American Nightmare is a perfect October read and came as a refreshing read because usually anthologies are made up of romance stories or stories from a variety of genres. Azzurra Nox has really brought the best of the best together and packed amazing stories in this one collection, which is sure to satisfy any reader. Plus, the whole deal with having women writers on board... More power to women! These stories were really mysterious and sometimes so spooky that the chicken in me had to read them with a light on at night. But that is what horror stories should be like, so they served their purpose.

I would highly recommend this anthology. I loved it to bits and enjoyed reading it.

*Note: A copy of this book was provided by Azzurra Nox in exchange for an honest review. We thank them.

Guys! The book releases tomorrow, so make sure you grab your copy here! 

Buy the book: AMAZON (.in)AMAZON (.com)


  1. Azzurra Nox an American women writer that too on a psychological horror gener. (am coming across her for the very first time and that too after reading the review: Review- My American Nightmare - Women in Horror Anthology by Azzurra Nox in readdictds blog) It's good to see women writers are stepping forward to prove themselves that they are good enough in packing up amazing stories based on horror themes. It surely will fantasy the readers and from the review of sarika i learnt that readers are going to face thrilling experience while reading this "My American Nightmare".
    Am also equally surprised that Azzurra Nox compressed 19 horror stories. I felt it is difficult to compile all these unique collections to be piled up in single book. Clearly sarika also mentioned that this collection will unsettle the nerves of readers and linger in our mind. Thank you sarika for reviewing a beautiful author text and congrats Azzurra Nox for your release of "My American Nightmare". As sarika said it's definitely going to be a treat for readers.

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