Thursday, January 02, 2014

Review- The One She Was Warned About by Shoma Narayanan


There's no such thing as a reformed rebel! 

Shweta thought she would have the whole marriage-and-kids thing sorted by now. But she couldn't be more wrong—her love life's a wasteland! So when she bumps into Nikhil, the bad boy from her past who still sets her pulse racing, she can't resist flirting with danger…. 

Nikhil might have gone from zero to hero since they last met—although it's hard to believe from all the gossip about him!—but soon Shweta's hooked on the excitement he injects into her life…and on his spine-tingling touch! Perhaps the rumors are true—Nikhil really is as dangerous as his reputation….


I enjoy reading Mills and Boon romances from time to time and Shoma Narayanan is a fantastic author. So I was pretty excited to start The One She Was Warned About. I really enjoyed the book. It was a quick read and a few hours well spent.

Shweta has turned thirty. She think her love life should have been sorted by now but the prospects are so not looking good. Then she bumps into Nikhil, the guy she's known through all her childhood. She knows he's a bad boy but she can't resist him. I liked Shweta. She was a typical good girl who cared about others opinions. She was unreasonable at times but that was just how she was.

Nikhil is the bad boy who always got into trouble in school. He would relentlessly tease Shweta about anything under the sun. But years later when he meets her he is pulled into her. I liked Nikhil. He had family issues and not the run of the mill kind. But he was so smitten with Shweta. I loved watching him fall for her.

The romance between Shweta and Nikhil was really nice. What starts as two old friends catching up soon becomes so much more. I loved how in love Shweta was with Nikhil. Though her insecurities did pop up from time to time. I loved how affectionate Nikhil was. He did have his own issues but that didn't stop him from being with Shweta.

Shoma Narayanan writes realistic yet romantic books. The book had a nice pace and I wanted to see Shweta and Nikhil's journey. I flew through the pages within a few hours. The book is slightly predictable but that didn't decrease my enjoyment of it. I liked The One She Was Warned About.

*Note: A copy of this book was provided by PRPundit in exchange for an honest review. We thank them.

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