Sunday, January 19, 2014

Review- A Prearranged Love by Anusha Vishnampet


A love story with a difference

Spirited and independent Rekha Ramkumar met handsome and cocky Arjun Kalyan on a blind date. He called her shorty and she threatened to dump a drink on his lap. They vowed to never see each other again but fate had the last laugh...

When they are forced to work together on his companys marketing campaign, Rekha sees a new side of Arjun, one that she finds hard to resist. While Arjun is increasingly fascinated by Rekha, having once rejected her, could he convince her that she was The One?


A Prearranged Love looked like a cute read and it turned out to be exactly that. It was short and sweet and quite realistic. Not everyone has bells ringing in their hearts with the love at first sight thing, some people take time to really get each other and that was exactly Rekha and Arjun's story.

Rekha is spirited and independent. When her mother asks her to meet a prospective groom she agrees to it. She is definitely attracted to the handsome Arjun but then he goes and opens his mouth and ruins it. I liked Rekha. She was fun and bubbly and confident in her own self not willing to take shit from anyone. She was just as confused with love and marriage but she wanted the best for her.

Arjun has other expectations when he agrees to go on a blind date with Rekha. He is a bit thrown off by the tiny fire cracker that is Rekha and blurts out the first inappropriate thing on his mind. After Arjun and Rekha reject each other fate decides to throw them together and they are forced to work with each other. Here Arjun really sees Rekha for who she is.

Rekha and Arjun shared a hilarious relationship. Hilarious for us, not them. They have a love hate relationship and there's no denying the attraction they both feel. I loved seeing Arjun and Rekha together. It was sweet and fun and they somehow always managed to push each other's buttons.

A Prearranged Love makes for an easy and quick read. I enjoyed the few hours I spent with Arjun and Rekha and seeing them come together was a pleasure. I do wish there was an epilogue or a more satisfactory ending though. This was a light romance which will leave you grinning by the end of it.

*Note: A copy of this book was provided by Jaico Publishers in exchange for an honest review. We thank them.

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