Thursday, December 20, 2018

Review- When Our Worlds Meet Again by Aniesha Brahma

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Two years after the events of 'When Our Worlds Collide', Zayn and Akriti are now leading extremely different lives. Akriti has come back from her stint at the business school and running her mother's café. Zayn has run into trouble in his PhD program and has come home for a break. While he thinks that things are just as he’d left them two years ago, that is far from the truth. In a last ditch attempt to make Akriti remember the connection they had once shared, Zayn tries to recreate all their memories. But things are never the same when collided worlds meet again.

Release date: November 16th 2018
Published by: General Press
Page numbers: 160


I have read and enjoyed author Aniesha Brahma’s books in the past. Well, I’ve also met her and she’s a wonderful friend and human being. And guess what? She’s also a great author. When I read When Our Worlds Collide, I felt like I was part of Akriti and Zayn’s rollercoaster story. So when I got to know that the sequel to their story, When Our Worlds Meet Again was out, I had to read the book. 

I had read the first book a long time back so I didn’t really remember most of it. But Aniesha does a brilliant job of giving snippet recaps in the second book that it added to good revision of the previous story. A simple and sweet story, When Our Worlds Meet Again is a short read that I wish was slightly longer as I want to know more about Akriti and Zayn’s future. 

In this book, the dynamic duo finally have some real talk and make some important decisions. While I did find myself getting slightly annoyed with the two of them and how they handled their relationship, it all felt worth it in the end. It was nice meeting all the characters again. 

Overall, When Our Worlds Meet Again is a great read that I would highly recommend to fans of When Our Worlds Collide and if you haven’t read that, I suggest you read both books back to back. They’re awesome weekend reads. 

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