Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Teaser Tuesday #109

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"In the room with the pale blue walls, the woman mumbles incoherently under her breath, feverishly turning the bulky pages of a photo album that rests on her lap. Her eyes are swollen; her demeanor like a beast that has finally broken free from its shackles after spending a lifetime in captivity. 

Goodreads Summary: 

Preeti Thaker moves to Mumbai to run away from herself, to put behind a painful childhood, plagued adolescent years and the recent death of her only support system – her brother. She is on the verge of ending it all, succumbing to her depression, when the doorbell rings. Little does she know that answering it will change her life forever! The guy on the other end of the door will offer her solutions to all her problems, but in the process, she will end up losing the only thing she had never lost till date – her heart!
Inspired by the true story of an artist who found that love was the only color missing from the palette of her life, 'Meant to be Together' is a tale of love, friendship, courage, determination and above all, hope... hope that makes us look for the rainbow when it rains and for the stars when it is dark!

What teaser have you shared this Tuesday? Link us to your posts in the comments! Happy reading! 

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