Monday, October 19, 2020

How to Host a Virtual Book Swap

 Title: How to Host a Virtual Book Swap 

Need something new to read but you’re not quite sure what? Why not try hosting a virtual book swap with your friends and family? (Sometimes the people who know you the best can give you the best book recommendations!) 

The team at Wikibuy created these fun virtual book swap wishlists. 

Here’s how the idea works. It’s sort of like Secret Santa — but for books. You gather a group of people and have everyone fill out these wishlists. Then, everyone lists the last few books they’ve read and what they want to read in the future. 

After everyone has filled out their wishlist, you redistribute the wishlists so that everyone has someone else’s. Then, everyone finds a book from their personal library that matches the wishlist they received and mails that book to the wishlist recipient. Exciting, right? 

There’s a kid-friendly version where the little ones can draw pictures relating to the types of books they’d like to receive, as well as an adult version. Give this fun book swap idea a try! 

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