Thursday, May 06, 2021

Review- Ithalar Tea Party by Akshath Jaganmohan


On 11 August 1950, Constable Selvam and the other policemen from the quaint little town of Ithalar in the Nilgiris, find the dead body of Anderson Quill, the owner of the English Ithalar Tea Estate.
The workers of the estate are acting mysteriously. They do not seem to care that their wages would be disturbed by the death of the unheired owner of the estate.
Selvam searches the history of the estate and finds the numerous enemies Anderson Quill had, making the case more difficult by the hour.
The killer, too, works tirelessly to give Selvam clues to get caught. Nobody knows why.
But the biggest mystery is yet to be revealed. Selvam hears one name which gives him the creeps, repeatedly. Velavan

Release date: January 4th 2021
Published by: Readen Publishing
Page numbers: 240


Not super inclined towards picking up murder mysteries, the sole reason I decided to give Ithalar Tea Party a go is because it’s written by a 13 year old and because I hope that, somewhere, via The Readdicts, readers are able to know about this gem of a book.

I have no idea when was the last time I finished reading a book in a day. This book was truly unputdownable. I was hooked right from the first chapter and couldn’t wait at all to see what would happen next. Written in the simplest yet most detailed and meticulous manner that doesn’t get boring even once, this book is fast paced, action packed and truly engrossing.

When the owner of the Ithalar Tea Estate, Anderson Quill, is found dead in his house, inspector Selvam sets out on a mission to find the killer which ends up being one awesome adventure full of mystery and amazing storytelling.

Author Akshath Jaganmohan’s writing is so mature that it had me in awe throughout. Had I not known anything about him, I would never have guessed that it’s written by someone so young. The thorough background information and attention to detail is worth applauding and makes the book extremely interesting.

A tale that takes the reader back in time, keeps them on the edge of their seat, perfectly balances narratives from two different times simultaneously, has some pretty good and well developed characters, is easy to follow and packed with immaculate cultural and historical references, I would highly encourage you to pick up Ithalar Tea Party as it’s a super duper great read.

*Note: A copy of this book was provided by Akshath Jaganmohan in exchange for an honest review. We thank them.

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