Friday, March 22, 2013

Feature & Follow Friday #31

Feature and Follow Friday is weekly meme hosted by Parajunkee's View and Alison Can Read.

Today's question is:

Q: What is your guilty pleasure as far as reading? Is it a genre, or is it a certain type of book? .

My answer:

I love reading anything with romance in it. I'm all for the happily ever after so I guess that is my guilty pleasure. Not that I'm really guilty over it. Reading is my complete pleasure. I love it when the characters fall in love in the most unlikeliest of circumstances and get over the odds. Unhappy endings make me sad. I love new adult, young adult, adult romances, paranormal romances and sometimes historical romances too.

                                                   What's your guilty pleasure?
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  1. Yeah, I definitely need romance in the books I read as well. Nothing to feel guilty about! :)

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  2. I'm all for a lot of endings but I love a nice happily ever after. And I love a romance that forms and/or sticks together against all odds.

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    Roxy @ Story Envy

  3. Romance is nice! But I'm a hard person to please with a good romance book and if I don't like I don't bother to finish it!
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  4. Yeah I definitely need a promise of a HEA ending by the series end! With my urban fantasy reads I know that not every book ends on a happy note, or even the happy for the moment note. But by that last book, I expect a HEA ending! :D

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    Have a GREAT weekend!

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  5. I like bittersweet endings in stand alone books or books in a series, but I need an Happy Ending for the last book in a series. If there isn't I will get mad.
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    my F&F

  6. Oh yes I love romance too! :) Even though sometimes I'm happy when HEA is not how the book ends still I like reading books with it. :) And new adult is becoming my fave genre these days :)

  7. I'm not big on romances. :) Stalking you back! :)

  8. I completely with you on this one! I HAVE to have a HEA for my characters. I'm miserable if they don't!

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    Jessica@Lovin' Los Libros

  9. I love YA paranormal romance and I really starting to enjoy NA


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