Sunday, March 17, 2013

Review- The One That Got Away by Kelly Hunter


Good job? Tick. Newly purchased apartment? Tick. Evie's life is on a pretty even keel at the moment. The only thing missing? A man with an edge to keep things interesting. Enter Logan Black. Tortured, distant and sexy, Logan has edge written all over him. He's also the man who tipped Evie over the edge a few years back - she gave him everything, but he didn't know when to stop taking. Leaving Logan was the hardest thing Evie's ever done. Until now. Because Logan's back, the chemistry is as blistering as ever, and this time he's not going anywhere...


I enjoyed reading The One That Got Away a hell lot more than I expected to. It was a quick read but no where did it lack in the substance or the quality. It was a relatively light read which made me feel good and happy after finishing it. But it was more intense that what I thought from the cover. It had plenty of steamy scenes, romance and sizzling tension which left me grinning after finishing it.

Evie's life is headed exactly in the direction she wants it to. She is partner and she loves doing her job. She has her own apartment and things seem to be going in her favor. Except where her love life is concerned. All she wants is a man with an edge to keep things interesting. She still can't get the man out of her head whom she had spent and amazing week with several years ago. The one who ruined her for all others.

But then a twist of fate brings Logan Black back into Evie's life. All their sexual chemistry is still there. One look from him is all it takes for Evie to give him what ever the hell he wants. But Logan is still his tortured, distant and sexy self who in his head wants nothing to do with Evie but his heart definitely has other plans for him. Logan was a total alpha male. Just the way he was made him all the more appealing.

As soon as Evie and Logan collide into each other again you feel the tension in the air as sharp as a knife. All that hot chemistry was seriously coming off the pages and I ate up every single bit of it. Their passion for each other has not decreased one bit and no one else could hold a candle for both of them. Soon, both of them lay their cards out on the table and start a relationship. It was amazing to see them helplessly fall hard for each other all over again.

The romance was brilliant. Evie and Logan were both great characters with a head on their shoulders. The remaining cast of characters just added more to the story. This book satisfactorily gives you a happy ending with just enough angst and drama to keep things real. The steamy scenes were hot without question. If you're a fan of contemporary romances The One That Got Away should definitely be added to your pile.

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