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Review- Scattered Ashes #1 & #2 by Malika Gandhi

*NOTE: This post has my short review for the first two books in the Scattered Ashes series, Rakesh's Story (Scattered Ashes #1) and Dev's Story (Scattered Ashes #2) respectively, by author Malika Gandhi

Goodreads Summary (Rakesh's Story):

A son, a brother, a friend and a Freedom Fighter.

Mohandas Gandhi has called for the British to Quit India. He has called for supporters; he wants a non-violent transition of power to the Indian man.

When Rakesh heard the call, he wanted in. Joining his fellow comrades in this “war” against the British Raj, Rakesh becomes a Freedom Fighter. Little did he know the pain he would cause his Ma, Babuji (father) and his younger brother, Dev when he chose to go on that march.

This is Rakesh’s story; his struggle against the power of the Raj, his anguish and love for his family but his determination and strength to want to see India win her independence.

Scattered Ashes is a five part series of the struggles five individuals go through from diverse relationships and tears, to finding love and accepting the fate bestowed upon them.


Malika Gandhi's book series, Scattered Ashes, consists of short stories set up during the peak of India's freedom struggle, the 1940s. Each book in the series is the story of a youth from a set of interconnected Indian families. Rakesh's Story is, obviously, Rakesh's story. He comes from a simple family. His father is a farmer and the family, consisting of Rakesh, his grandparents, his dad, his mom and his younger brother Dev, move to Rajkot (in the state of Gujrat) because the Raj (the British rule) increase taxes in the place they previously resided. 
Rakesh is a part of the young revolutionary gangs who are inclined on bringing about freedom for India. His need for taking action against the British is simple- he wants to take revenge for the forced move his family had to make due to high taxation imposed by the British. Reading about the secret meetings and fierce yet peaceable action taken by the youth to oust the Britishers was like rereading my school history text books. It's what we learnt and it's what we know. But in Rakesh's story, we get an entry into Rakesh's head- a direct, emotional account of what the individual revolutionary actually went through and not just a glimpse into the group discussion and activity. 
A very touching story, 
Rakesh's Story is full of emotion, turmoil and heartbreak. Rakesh is so brave and intelligent, it's hard not to like him. I could literally feel the tears slowly coming to my eyes. Author Malika Gandhi's writing is quite average, but the story in itself manages to keep the book on the ball. 


Goodreads Summary (Dev's Story):

Losing Rakesh changed Dev's life; his brother and hero. Every moment is spent grieving for him but one girl, his childhood love Pooja reminded him, life must go on. 
Deeply in love with her, Dev proposes only to be refused. Taking a promise from her Dev travels to beautiful, scenic Simla where he explores another world and frees himself of his harrowing present.
In an unexpected turn of events, Dev finds himself facing a new love interest in the name of Payal, the daughter of his mentor. Adding to his troubles, Dev is arrested and taken to jail whilst listening to a freedom speech. Will he return home? Will he see Pooja again?

Read Dev's story, the second book in the Scattered Ashes series, a story of passion!


Dev's Story is the second book in Malika Gandhi's Scattered Ashes series. The first book, Rakesh's Story told us the devastating yet absolutely gallant story of Rakesh. Dev's Story is the story of Rakesh's younger brother, Dev, fondly known as Chottu among his family. Dev's Story starts out with Dev mourning the loss of his brave brother, Rakesh. The responsibility of taking care of the family now falls in Dev's hand and he is given the opportunity to become manager of a brand new garage being set up in Simla by his boss. Dev takes up the offer but a series of whirlwind events forcefully lead him towards the path of sadness. Dev was, in my opinion, a very humble boy. It was nice to see him go from just being Rakesh's little brother to the man that consequences make him. Although it's not fair to compare him to his brother, it is evident that both brothers are brave, courageous and absolutely good individuals. 
There were a few times when, in the book (which is told from the third point of view), the narration went to the first point of view out of nowhere. Maybe it was just an accidental mistake, but it got a little confusing. Author 
Malika Gandhi's writing is okay, but again, juts like Rakesh's Story, albeit less powerful, yet the very emotional and strong plot of Dev's Story manages to make it all worthwhile. 



  1. i'm glad you liked the books Sarika! thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  2. This sounds like the type of story that is well worth reading and learning about! I love that it offered maybe a different point of view than what you would have learned in school. Too bad the writing was just average though.

    1. It did. It offered a more personal view than my text books, Aylee! ;)

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