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#JTWYAReadAlong Discussion Post #3 + Wrap Up + Short Review

Hi again, everyone! Today, I have for you the final and concluding post for our Just The Way You Are read along or simple the #JTWYAReadAlong. 

For this final post, we will be discussing part three of the book, where, in my opinion, the story really takes shape and we finally get to know what I had been wanting to know since the beginning- the story of Shagun and Sameer. I felt their story was nice and I especially liked the very different background that Shagun had. She and Sameer made for a decent couple and it was nice to see them together by first knowing their story and understating their acceptance of each other. 

I find myself having not much to discuss in this post, but if you guys have anything to contribute, please go ahead and say it in the comments below. I just have a few final questions! 

What are your final thoughts on the book? 

What are your thoughts about Shagun and Sameer as a couple and as individuals? 

What's your final rating for the book? 

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While every single reader has raved about the really cute cover of author Sanjeev Ranjan's Just The Way You Are, I am not the biggest fan of sunshine and romance books, so cute as it may be, the cover barely mattered to me. I read the book as part of the read along that we hosted. I will admit that there was nothing extraordinary about the book, but it was a very quick read, which always stands as a positive for me. The story was simple and sweet, which made it very easy to follow and understand. Albeit lacking major character development that I was hoping for, the protagonist Sameer was portrayed as a decent enough guy who has really seen struggle in life. His life partner Shagun was well portrayed and possessed some quirky qualities. Other than that, the book was really very average. I would recommend Just The Way You Are to romance lovers. Pick this book up over a weekend and you'll enjoy it. The book was very simple, sweet and quick. 


2- it was okay! 

So that's it, guys! I had a blast hosting this read along. While we didn't get a huge response, we still managed to get a few people interested in the book. I especially want to thank reader Ravisha for joining us for this. Thank you also to Aayesha and Arti for being part of the read along and to Priyanka for being involved in the same. But most importantly, thank you to author Sanjeev Ranjan for giving his thumbs up for this idea and for all his help. Thank you also to you readers for reading out posts and for stopping by this one. 

Happy reading, and see you around! Also, if you still wish to read Just The Way You Are, you can buy it at the links below: 


  1. I have never heard of this book, but those quotes definitely piqued my interests.

    1. The most hilarious of all is - Good boys get heaven, bad boys get women! :D

  2. I would sum it up in one word – Sweet!

    The story didn’t turn out to be as I expected but where is the fun when you can guess the climax? I expected a lot of drama and ‘masala’ from the second part. I was expecting the author to describe Sameer’s stay in Switzerland, and was even expecting him to fall in love with a Swiss lady and how his life turns upside down as is seen in most fiction tales by Indian authors. But this book seems to be a non-conformist.

    Of all the parts, I liked the third part the most. It was engrossing.
    It was only when I was nearing the end of the book that I realised the disconnect I commented about in Part #2 of #JTWYAReadAlong blog post.

    I find Sameer more like myself. Shagun is a reflection of all those qualities I would want from my better-half. And I guess that's how one builds a successful relationship. In a relationship, if one is too jittery or the nervous kind, then the other should be a happy-go-lucky person or the understanding type. It quite explains the adage – ‘opposite values are complimentary to each other’. And that's the recipe for a happy life. As individuals, I feel Shagun has faced the truth of life more bravely than Sameer. But that doesn't make him less likable. There's just no comparison!

    My final rating - 4 Owls.

    If you are reading my comment and haven't read the book yet, now's the time to get going.

  3. I love cute romances in my books, so I think that this book would be more my sort of read, I'm sorry that you weren't able to enjoy it as much! But thank you for the honest review!

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