Thursday, November 09, 2017

Review- An Awfully BIG Adventure by Aniesha Brahma

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Seventeen-year-old Yoshita Ray has stopped believing in happily ever after and fairy tales ever since her mother abandoned her. But now that her father’s married again, Yoshita’s world is turned upside down by her new stepbrother, the ten-year-old true believer, Tanay Mukherjee. 

On his tenth birthday, Tanay makes a wish which whisks them away to a magical land where all the fairy tale characters are real! While Yoshita wants to do nothing but leave this place behind, her stepbrother wants to stay. 

Will the rather unfortunately timed adventure tear the stepsiblings apart or will it play a hand in bringing them closer together? 

Join them on An Awfully BIG Adventure to find out! 

Release date: October 23rd 2017
Page numbers: 89


When my friend Aniesha Brahma contacted me about reading and reviewing An Awfully Big Adventure, I was quite excited not only to read the book because I have loved everything I've previously read by Aniesha, but also because the whole idea of putting the proceeds of the book straight into her venture, BUZZ Magazine (for which even I have contributed articles), was so cool. Being a fan of both Aniesha and BUZZ, I couldn't say no to this novella about magic and fairy tales.

An Awfully Big Adventure is the story of siblings Yoshita and Tanay, who grew up reading fairy tales. While Yoshita stopped believing in happily ever afters, Tanay is still a preteen and gets excited at the mere mention of anything resembling an adventure. On Tanay's twelfth birthday, the two have no idea what's in store for them when Yoshita's glass of juice spills on the carpet in their living room. From there begins a lovely journey of fairy tales and magic; basically, everything that Yoshita refuses to believe in and Tanay would give anything to be in.

As usual, both Aniesha's writing and storytelling was very well done. I'm not a believer in happily ever afters, but I do believe in magic and this book took me back to my childhood filled with adventurous and extraordinary stories of ordinary people. While this story is written for children, I don't see why an adult wouldn't have fun reading it because it does its work as a story: it provides and escape from reality and takes the reader on a fun filled journey.

An Awfully Big Adventure is a short and sweet story that's bound to leave the reader feeling content.

*Note: A copy of this book was provided by Aniesha Brahma in exchange for an honest review. We thank them.

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