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Review- Twisted Truths by Rebecca Zanetti


You can't escape the past . . .

Noni is desperate. Her infant niece has been kidnapped, and the only person who can save her is a private detective with too many secrets to count--and more enemies than he can name. A man who walked away from Noni without any warning a year ago, a man who broke her heart. But with Talia's life on the line, Noni needs his help now more than ever--and this time, she won't take no for an answer . . .

The moment Denver Jones sees Noni, the memories come rushing back. The fire in her eyes. The determination in her voice. The danger of having her in his life. Denver had to push her away once, but now with vicious criminals threatening Noni and her niece, he'll do whatever it takes to protect them. But enemies from his past are circling, and they'll use anything--and anyone--to get to Denver.

With twists and turns that will blow you away, TWISTED TRUTHS is sexy, action-packed suspense at its very best from New York Times bestselling author Rebecca Zanetti.

Release date: November 14th, 2017
Published by: Forever
Page numbers: 432


Twisted Truths by Rebecca Zanetti is the third book in her Blood Brothers series. Though the books can be read as stand alones I would definitely recommend reading them in order as they face their biggest enemy in this final book. The story would be richer and we get to see the depth of the bonds these brothers share. I am a Rebecca Zanetti fan and I loved seeing how she tied all the threads together in Twisted Truths.

This is the story of Denver. Denver Jones is the quiet brother. No one knows what goes on in his mind most times but he is definitely one of the most lethal soldiers. Denver left Noni for her own good but he hasn't been able to forget her. When Noni is in danger he will do anything to protect her- even risk his own life. I loved Denver. He was so protective of his family. He always tries to do the right thing even if it means sacrificing his own happiness.

Then we have Noni. Noni was such a sweetheart. She was heart broken when Denver left her without a word and she has tried to pull the pieces together. When Noni's infant niece is kidnapped she knows the only person who can help get her back is Denver. She is ready to do anything to get her niece back safely even if it means being in close quarters with Denver again.

Rebecca Zanetti writes an excellent second chance romance. Denver and Noni have so many unresolved feelings for each other. There is a strong connection between them and the sparks are on fire. There is just enough angst threaded through to make us understand the emotions Noni was going through and while Denver may come off as stoic at times, he is anything but where Noni is concerned.

Like her previous books Twisted Truths is filled with twists and turns. We get to see a lot of action and there are definitely some surprises in store for everyone. The danger is real and Dr. Madison is after her boys. If you enjoy action packed romantic suspense books I'd highly recommend the Sins Brothers and the Blood Brothers series by Rebecca Zanetti. I am looking forward to reading more from her in the future.

*Note: A copy of this book was provided by the author/publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. We thank them.

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  1. Love that the romance has some depth to it and that the connection feels real! Sounds like a really great book. I love a good mystery story.


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