Friday, February 13, 2015

Giveaway (India only)- What Young India Wants by Chetan Bhagat and The Homing Pigeons... by Sid Bahri

Hi, guys! It's been a long time since we had a giveaway for you loverly people. So here we are with one. I have an extra copy of Chetan Bhagat's What Young India Wants to give away to one lucky Indian reader, and because it's "supposedly" the month of love and because I don't really need a reason to do this, I'm throwing in a copy of my all time favourite, The Homing Pigeons... by Sid Bahri as well. One reader will win both the books. 

We only ask that you follow us via email. That is your mandatory entry. The email subscription option can be found in the right side bar. Another important point (which isn't mandatory, but really appreciated) is you telling us in the comments what it is that YOU really want for India. It could be anything- peace, strict laws and stricter execution of the same, commercials that don't objectify women, Hindi movies with more songs, chai stalls in malls... Whatever! It's up to you. We're listening. Without much ado, let's get on to the post. 


Giveaway rules are simple:

*The giveaway is open for residents of India only.
*Enter by filling out the Rafflecopter form below. 
*Once winners are picked, they will be emailed and will have 48 hours to respond, or else we'll be compelled to pick new winners.
*In case some winner who already has a copy of The Homing Pigeons... (because we've given away many of those) wins, you can decide whether you'd like another copy of the book or no. If not, we will pick another winner for The Homing Pigeons... The original winner will only get What Young India Wants
*If the form doesn't load, go here

That's all there is to it! May the odds be ever in your favour! 

Thank you for stopping by, and happy reading! 


  1. Thank you for such an awesome giveaway!
    Btw I do want a corruption free India *if possible* or else just free wifi would also work :p

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  3. Let us see on whom does the odds in favour of...!!!

  4. End religion.

    I know, many people would question me about morals, but I believe, morals can exist even without the barriers of religion. The greatest morality should be Humanity. The world will change when people will start thinking logically rather than believing blindly.

    Just look how much violence and outright hate has been caused by religion. I don't promise that ending religion would end all of it, but yes, definitely, it will create a huge impact in India :)

  5. ^THIS! I APPROVE THIS! Great comment. Anyhow I cannot take part but I just wanted to say amazing comment :)

    1. You ladies are amazing too, but you kind of already knew that ;) :*

  6. I would say... safer cities and less traffic jams :P

  7. A safe India for women to go about their business without fear of being molested or raped!


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