Monday, March 29, 2021

Decorating Your Favourite Books!

 Inspirational Ways to Decorate with Books

As readers, we love to surround ourselves with loads of books. The novels we keep on our shelves and display on our coffee tables are often important parts of our home decor. They demonstrate our hobbies, make our spaces more interesting, and show guests that we’re avid readers. However, as your collection grows over time with more literature, you may be in search of more creative ways to show off your favorite stories. 

Here are some tips for spicing up your book decor, along with inspirational mood boards from 1stDibs. With fun and beautiful photographs of home libraries and book displays, these pointers are sure to spark a new arrangement idea or two. 

First, bookshelves. How do you choose the best shelves for your home and style? 

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