Thursday, March 04, 2021

Review: Balraj by Manoj V Jain


Do you have the strength (or folly?) to give up everything in a quest to find happiness?

Inder, age 47, a family man and a successful financial consultant decides to walk away from everything he knows and loves.

He travels through the heart of India in search of himself, meeting new people, learning lessons and giving himself up to serendipity.

Balraj is thought-provoking, troubling and even uplifting at times.

Manoj Jain weaves a simple tale that explores the evolution of a soul-searcher through the travels of a man on a quest to find the answers he set out for.

Release date: 3rd May 2017
Published by: Notion Press
Page numbers: 150


Over the course of five books, I have become an ardent admirer of author Manoj V Jain. His books are simply brilliant- ordinary stories of ordinary people told in the most ordinary way and although they all come back to the same point, each story is special and unique in its own way. His latest book I read, titled Balraj, is the story of Inder, who, after getting all possible signs from the universe to go his own way and find himself, bravely takes up the mission of leaving it all behind to embark on his journey of self discovery.

In every Manoj V Jain book- and I consider myself capable of saying this because I have read many of the author’s works by now- he takes up topics like psychology and philosophy which are two fields I am deeply interested in. So for me, it’s like a more in-depth and realistic understanding of them in fiction that is relatable and believable. The author’s crisp and simple writing coupled with Inder’s wonderful journey make Balraj a very interesting and beautiful read.

I read the sequel of this book, Ramona, before I read Balraj but except for one or two instances here and there where I could connect the dots, the two books were refreshing and outstanding in their own ways and there was no overlapping or confusion in spite of me not reading them in order. Then again, the author himself has said that both books could be read as a stand-alone.

Overall, Balraj was an amazing read that had me smiling at the beauty of life all around us. It instilled in me, an urge to travel, but I don't see how the route Balraj took would work for a woman, so that was the only sad part.

                            *Note: A copy of this book was gifted by Manoj V Jain. We thank them.

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