Monday, March 29, 2021

Review- A Man from Mandu by Manoj V Jain


Is he the New Age Guru that we have all been waiting for?
Is he a fraudster?
How does he know the story of your life?
In his latest book, Manoj Jain delves into the world of Godmen and devotees, of faith and money. A Man from Mandu is a book of deception, transformation and growth. Read about Dhawal and his metamorphosis into Avishkar Baba, the Sadhu of Stories, and about Tarini who is promoting him so successfully. But what does the scheming Tarini have to gain?

Release date: May 30th 2019
Published by: Notion Press
Page numbers: 168


Another enjoyable and insightful read by author Manoj V Jain, A Man from Mandu, although quite similar to other books of his that I have read as it all comes down to the same point, provided an excellent glimpse into the ways of gurus and Godmen. Not a believer in them at all, I see how important such figures are for so many people, which made the story somewhat relatable, because I see people dedicate their entire life to someone who appears Godsend but in reality, is just like you and me.

Anyway, the story of Dhawal, a man from the village of Mandu, was quite an interesting one. When Tarini, an extremely well thought of, well written and impeccably developed character, comes across him, she sees in him someone who could potentially change the course of life for many people and she makes sure that their invention “Avishkar Baba” becomes a hit with all the hard work they put it. A beautiful insight into the busy world of social media, marketing, event planning and then into the peaceful world of self discovery, personal journey and growth, the juxtaposition was amazing.

This book leaves a lot for the reader to think about after finishing the book rather than while reading it, in terms of the way it ends, the many wonderful and deep stories told by Avishkar Baba, the entire concept of Godmen, concepts like faith and trust, and so much more. A quick and engrossing read, I liked how this book really, really opens your mind and makes you think, serving the purpose of books in the first place.

If you have read the author’s works before, you will enjoy this one and if you haven’t read any book of this, this would be a good way to start.

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