Thursday, August 21, 2014

Review- The Girl He Left Behind by Shilpa Suraj


Can he win her back?

Romantic fiction editor Sia Sharma knows that life is not about happily ever after. The only guy she had loved had left her six years back. 

Suddenly Ryan Mathur is back in town as a hot shot entrepreneur. His advertising firm has been hired to create the marketing campaign for Sia’s publishing company, but Ryan has only one thing on his mind: to win back the only woman he ever loved.

But feisty Sia has other plans and is determined to make him pay. The harder Ryan tries to win her over, the further Sia strays. Ryan seems to be everywhere she goes, and her bestselling romance author, the sultry Nisha Malik, joins the fray to pursue Ryan. It’s not long before Sia realizes she still has feelings for him.

Will Sia let Ryan back into her life again? And will Ryan ever win back the girl he left behind?


I wanted to read The Girl He Left Behind from the title itself. I always love a good second chance romance if well written. Luckily, The Girl He Left Behind was a pleasurable read. It did have a few cliches here and there but I didn't mind. Overall, I really liked it.

Sia is a romantic fiction editor. Once upon a time she believed in happily ever afters but after the only guy she had ever loved left her she has given up on the concept. I really liked Sia. She had a horrible time after Ryan left her and though she tried to move on, things just went down hill for her. I found Sia to be a capable and determined woman of modern times.

Then we have Ryan. Ryan is back in town and now he wants Sia back. At first I wasn't all that convinced about Ryan. It took me some time to get warmed up to him but as we see his thoughts we can see his reasons. Ryan had issues to sort through and by the end of it we can see he only wants what is best for Sia.

Ryan and Sia definitely had chemistry but I would have liked to see more. We can definitely see Sia's hesitancy through out and I liked how Ryan didn't easily give up on her. Though I did find him to act stupid where Nisha was concerned.

I absolutely adored Sia and Ryan's friends Minty and Adarsh. Both of them were awesome best friends who got in the much needed humor and wit into the plot. Shilpa Suraj's writing is easy and engaging. It was easy to fly through the book. The Girl He Left Behind was a good read.

*Note: A copy of this book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. We thank them.


  1. cover looks nice! I want this! thanks for your review ;)

    Happy Reading - Jenai

    1. hello can you help me to doenload ths book online bcz i tried searchng but its not available please help me with it

    2. hello can you help me to doenload ths book online bcz i tried searchng but its not available please help me with it

  2. I haven't heard of this one till now but it sounds like a really nice story. I love the sound of Sia and I think we need more capable girls/women in contemporary stories, as only thing we usually get are delicate flowers. I'm so happy you enjoyed this one. Great review, Janhvi :)

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