Thursday, September 25, 2014

Review- He's So Fine by Jill Shlavis


For Olivia Bentley, Lucky Harbor is more than the town where she runs her new vintage shop. It's the place where folks are friendly to strangers-and nobody knows her real name. Olivia does a good job of keeping her past buried, not getting too cozy with anyone . . . until she sees a man drowning. Suddenly she's rushing into the surf, getting up close and personal with the hottest guy she's ever laid hands on.

Charter boat captain Cole Donovan has no problem with a gorgeous woman throwing her arms around his neck in an effort to "save" him. In fact, he'd like to spend a lot more time skin-to-skin with Olivia. He's just not expecting that real trouble is about to come her way. Will it bring her deeper into Cole's heart, or will it be the end of Olivia's days in little Lucky Harbor?


He's So Fine is the eleventh book in Jill Shlavis' Lucky Harbor series. I have to say that in this last trilogy, I was the most excited about Cole's book. He had me excited and intrigued since we met him in It's in His Kiss. I am so pleased to say that I thoroughly enjoyed He's So Fine. Cole is definitely one of my favorites in the lot.

Olivia runs her vintage shop in the town of Lucky Harbor. Olivia has had a bad past which she is hiding. She wants to be known for who she is now, not who she was in the past. I really liked Olivia. She pretended to have a hard exterior but underneath she was a big softie. I liked how we got to see all her vulnerabilities and how she was when she was with Cole.

Cole runs a boat business with his friends Sam and Tanner. Cole is the guy who can fix anything and everything. He sees the world in black and white. I adored Cole. He was loyal and protective over his friends and family. When he meets Olivia all he wants to do is get to know her better. I really liked how determined Cole was.

Olivia and Cole had amazing chemistry. Since their hilarious meeting on the first page I loved how they were together. Despite both of them having issues to overcome I liked how they always ended up with each other in difficult times. They shared a beautiful intimacy and it was lovely watching them fall for each other.

Jill Shalvis, as always writes amazingly well. I flew through He's So Fine in one sitting. I also loved seeing all the other residents of Lucky Harbor and am really looking forward to Tanner's story to end the series. I really enjoyed He's So Fine.

*Note: A copy of this book was provided by the author/publisher through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. We thank them.

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  1. Woha 11th book. That's amazing and I'm so happy that you're still enjoying it. I'm also happy that you've got to read Cole's story as he sounds like a really interesting character. I love books with great writing and with a nice romance full of chemistry. Great review, Janhvi :)


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