Thursday, September 11, 2014

Review- It's Complex! by Shoma Narayanan


Jai, an aspiring scriptwriter and Nikita, the consummate modern working woman, live in the same residential high-rise in Mumbai. One night, the two have a dramatic encounter, when Jai rescues Nikita from a near-fatal accident and then offers to moonlight as her driver. Thus begins a tempestuous romance which takes many unexpected twists and turns. Jai, desperate for a break in Bollywood, enters a love-story contest in Nikita’s name. Will this rash act on his part lead to a nasty break-up or will the two let their barriers fall and discover each other anew? 

Find out how the young couple navigates their complicated relationship even as they deal with the many colorful characters that enter their lives. An action-packed urban drama played out in a swanky housing society, its Complex is also a heartfelt story about what happens to seemingly sorted people when they face major choices in life.


I have read several books by Shoma Narayanan before and I really liked them so I was super excited when I found out that she has a new book out called It's Complex. Unlike all her previous books which were Mills and Boon romances, It's Complex is not exactly a love story but an amalgamation of numerous story lines and characters.

Jai is an aspiring author. He has left his family to pursue his dreams and come to Mumbai. When Jai rescues Nikita, he has no idea how tangled up their lives are gonna get. I liked Jai. He was different and a little bit mysterious in the beginning. I would have loved being more in his head but there were a lot of point of views which didn't give him as much page time. 

Then we have Nikita. She doesn't apologize for being brash and open and that is something I really liked about her. Nikita and Jai can feel the attraction between them but they completely deny it. Also, what the summary doesn't indicate is that there is a parallel story of Shilpa and Anuj going on which is equally important.

Every one of them has something going on in their lives. Mix in nosy relatives, interfering neighbors, unexpected exes and a bunch of other people and things just become more complicated. What I liked about It's Complex was that even though there were a ton of characters, it was easy to keep a track of them. Each one had their own personality and I definitely didn't get confused.

Shoma Narayanan's writing is really engaging and fast paced which made me fly through the book. It is basically just about people figuring out what they want from their lives while trying to keep up with Mumbai. I liked It's Complex!

*Note: A copy of this book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. We thank them.


  1. Sounds pretty good. I think I will add it to my to-read-list. One book I really loved that this seems to remind me of was Karma. that was all written in verse but still seems to have a similar feeling in some way.

    Thanks for the review.

  2. I have read no books by this author, but I'm glad you love this author's novels in general. Sorry it wasn't your perfect book, but I'm glad you enjoyed the focus being on a few characters rather than making it about a big cast of characters and being more superficial. I'd much rather read about characters who're written in depth and whose stories are easy to follow. So yay for this :) I'm glad you enjoyed as a whole, Janhvi!

  3. I think the cover is beautiful, which was why I clicked to look at this review! Thanks for the review, it was helpful. I haven't read any of the authors other books but I may look into them now! Fast paced is always good ;)

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