Friday, November 21, 2014

Happiness is...

Hi, guys! So today is one of those days when I'm out of creative ideas. I have some time to actually sit and make posts which is why I'll also be catching up on some commenting over your blogs this weekend, so be ready, I'm gonna stalk y'all big time. It's been so long since we did a random post. Anyway, what I'm going to share with y'all today is something that you must have already come across somewhere or the other. I've shared this stuff with all my bookish friends, but I thought, why not make a post and share it with our lovely bookish blog readers? So here I am sharing some happiness is... anything and everything to do with books pictures. 

All the images are taken either from Facebook, Google, Twitter or some webpage, but in the end, it all lands up to The Happy Page on Facebook as is watermarked on all images. 

I do not hold the right to any of the photos, but I'm sharing them simply out of my love for them and so that we have a place where we can put all the bookish ones together. Trust me, these images are all over my phone and it takes ages to search for them all, so here we are- organised and ready! 

Let me know which one is your favourite in the comments below. I honestly cannot pick one- they are all so relatable. But in case you do have one that appeals to you more than the other, let me know because hey, bookish talk makes us all happy, I suppose! 

Anyway, I hope you liked this post, and thank you so much for stopping by! 


  1. I love the last one! A huge smile is always plastered on my face when I look at my book shelves~ I love looking at them even though they're making me poor lol.

  2. Haha we all have these days when it is hard to find any inspiration! Happiness is an awful lot to do with books, writing and blogging in my case. They're my hobbies, but one day I hope to make them my professions as well. Nice post ^^

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  3. Buying new books and discovering great new author are my favorite. But I'd add reading something no one else has read so far and then making your friends read it as well.

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