Thursday, March 08, 2018

Review- The Accident by Shree Janani

The Accident on Goodreads


Two people - One accident - Their lives change forever.

Release date: February 11th 2018 
Published by: Self-published
Page numbers: 15


I always love it when fellow bibliophiles that I met online write a book or a story and approach me to review it. So when Shree Janani contacted me about her short story, The Accident, I was glad to hear about it because: 1) I love supporting my online bibliophile buddies and 2) the story is 12 pages short (or long). I and no idea what to expect from the story, but what I got left me feeling surprised, awestruck and frightened to the last nerve in my body.

The Accident is a story about how the lives of four people intermingle and come to the same point where fate has something planned for them. Ravi and his wife Rini, Anusha and her husband Ashok are the four people around whom this story revolves. And while the story itself is super duper interesting, I would have- had the story been longer, of course or if the author decides to ever write more- loved more insides into the lives of our characters, which seemed just as interesting.

I was not prepared for the spine-chilling ending that this book had, because it made me want to shut it and never open it again. It literally horrified the shit out of me. And that's a positive because I don't normally get frightened while reading. But the way Shree Janani ended her story was insanely incredible. Having said that, however, I would have loved to know more about it.

Overall, The Accident is a great read for anytime you're in the mood to get terrified with an abrupt but well done ending. With elements of drama, thriller, supernatural and horror, this story is packed with action that's bound to leave the reader wanting more. Barely an half an hour read, this one will keep you entertained for the short while that it will remain with you.

*Note: A copy of this book was provided by Shree Janani in exchange for an honest review. We thank them.

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