Monday, March 26, 2018

Review- Blood Bound by Rachel Vincent


Bound by blood, condemned by fate

As a bloodtracker, Liv is extremely powerful. And in a world where power is a commodity that can get you killed, Liv's learnt to survive by her own rules.

Rule number one? Trust no one.

But when a friend's daughter goes missing, Liv is bound by a potent magical oath. She can't rest until the child is safe.
And that means trusting her dangerous ex, Cam.

A sinister prophecy tells that she and Cam will be the death of each other, yet Liv's tired of being a slave to destiny. She's ready to play the forces controlling her world at their own game.

No matter what the cost.


I had Blood Bound lying on my shelf since a long time and I am glad that I finally decided to pick it up. I have read Rachel Vincent's Soul Screamer series and I had really liked it so I was curious to see if I would like her adult books as well. Rachel Vincent has a created a unique world in the Unbound series and I was really fascinated by its whole concept.

Liv is a blood tracker. She can track anyone by touching their blood but she has her limits as well. In the world of Blood Bound, theCity where Liv lives is dominated by two syndicates. In Liv's world she can trust no one for various reaons.At first I couldn't understand why Liv had complicated her own life but slowly we started seeing her reasons and why she thought she was doing the right thing.

Then we have Cam. Cam and Liv were in a relationship six years ago. Then all of a sudden Liv left Cam and Cam was left to pick up the pieces of his own heart. We can clearly see since the first page that Cam and Liv have all these unanswered questions between them. There is this tension between them and all Cam wants to do is get close to Liv again.

When Liv's friend's daughter goes missing, Cam and Liv are forced to work together. Cam and Liv definitely had chemistry but this book was definitely more focused on the bindings of the blood and how the world operated. I found the concepts interesting but I definitely needed something more to tie it up all together nicely. We also get to meet a bunch of characters whom I expect will play major roles in the next books.

Rachel Vincent's writing style is really nice. There are a lot of things which are inter connected. Some knowingly, some unknowingly.I also wasn't a fan of the ending. While I can't say I loved Blood Bound I am definitely interested enough to give the next book a try. Blood Bound was an okay read. 

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