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Review- The Darkest Kiss by Gena Showalter


Doomed to escort the souls of the innocent - and the wicked - to their final resting place...

Lucien walks alone, even among the other Lords of the Underworld. His curse allows him little time or inclination for pleasure. Then Anya arrives.

Anya is the goddess of anarchy and chaos, and she delights in wreaking havoc on Lucien's ordered life. But her playfulness hides a dark secret. She may be drawn to the Keeper of Death, but she isn't going to let him get too close.

When Lucien is ordered by the gods to kill Anya, their flirtation becomes a battle - one that can only end when Lucien takes her soul...

Lords of the Underworld Series:
The Darkest Night


The Darkest Kiss is the second book in Gena Showalter's Lords of the Underworld series. It continues on from where The Darkest Night left off. Where The Darkest Night seemed a little slow, The Darkest Kiss is filled with adventure. The plots, sub-plots and characters are further developed which made the story an all the more richer experience.

Lucien is the Keeper of Death. He came off as the strong and silent type in The Darkest Night. I was intrigued to know more about his past and scars since then. As the story unraveled I found my self caring more and more for Lucien. He has had a tortured life and so he never wants to fall in love. He seems all calm and collected but inside he has his insecurities.

Anya, is the Goddess of Anarchy and Chaos. She is a total spitfire. She was a fun heroine. Anya can't help being attracted to Lucien. She is the one who makes all the moves on him. Every time Anya called Lucien Lucy or Flowers or some such equally horrid and ridiculous nick name it made me laugh out loud. Being the daughter of Goddess of Lawlessness she had a sad and interesting past with a curse which I loved getting to know about.

Lucien and Anya were complete opposites but they had really hot chemistry. The sexual tension was flying off the pages. Anya helped Lucien get over his insecurities and Lucien saw beneath Anya's carefree exterior. As the story progressed you could see how perfect they were for each other.

We get to meet William in this book and all the other Lords make an appearance too. The Lords are searching for artifacts which will help them destroy Pandora's Box and contain their demons within themselves forever. Each of the subplot gave us a little tidbit about some of the other Lords which makes you crave for their book.

Gena Showalter is a brilliant writer whom I can't praise enough. Her writing is beautiful. The Lords of the Underworld series is an interesting and unique concept which keeps you engaged. She makes you love the characters with all their flaws. You'll always have a good time while reading the Lords.

 X 5


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  1. Great review! I never got to read this book and third book but I love this series! From the books I've read, Anya is really funny and is constantly pulling little pranks.


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