Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Review- The Detention Demon by Samantha Combs

Goodreads Summary:

A raggedy group of delinquents, thrown together by circumstance, get the opportunity to prove if rumors about the detention teacher being less than human are true and discover it doesn’t take years of friendship to bond together and overcome evil.

Wayne is a Junior High school boy who just got detention for fighting in school to protect his longtime best friend, Gumby. But recently, there have been stories about detention. Kids have mysteriously disappeared, creating creepy rumors about detention class. Now, Wayne finds himself trapped in there with school bully Bubba Dugan. Keeping his distance from Bubba won’t be Wayne’s only problem. In fact, those rumors about the detention teacher don’t seem like stories at all. 

With his best friend Gumby, a crew of delinquents and a surprising late addition, a pretty cheerleader harboring a secret crush, Wayne and his group of misfits will have to band together to outwit the detention teacher. He’s protected his best friend from harm his whole life…..but, can he protect him and everyone else against something that might not even be human?


*NOTE: We (The Readdicts) received a copy of The Detention Demon from Musa Publishing in exchange for an honest review. We thank the publishing house for the book! 

Wayne, Rob (Gumby) and Holly of Conrad Junior High School have to take detention for fighting, bad-mouthing and smoking respectively. Previously, the kids had only heard of rumours about mysterious Mr. Levi and his unusual detention class. It's only when they find themselves in his class with a couple of their classmates, that they realise the rumours weren't just rumours after all. 
Together, Wayne, Rob and Holly make a plan to put an end to Mr. Levi's strange and creepy way of conducting detention. The three of them made a cool team. Wayne's confidence, Rob's slightly side-kick support and Holly's practicality are all worth praising. It was good to see the kids take the lead and come out successful. Wayne's mom is a very sweet woman and they both (Wayne and his mom) share a great relationship.
Author Samantha Combs manages to keep the reader curious as to what happens.
The epilogue of The Detention Demon was written so well. It was well thought out. I finished the book in one sitting. The book is a very short read and it won't hurt at all to give it a try.
Overall, The Detention Demon was an good read. If you're in the mood to have a quick read and enjoy every bit of it and if you like books that remind you a bit of your school days, go for it. 


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