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Review- The Darkest Night by Gena Showalter


Every night for thousands of years, he has been murdered and sent to the fires of hell...

Cursed by the gods, bound to a rage-filled spirit he can barely control, Maddox has all but forgotten his humanity - until Ashlyn Darrow comes to his prison in Budapest seeking help. Maddox finds his anger is soothed by her presence. But he can't help question why a beautiful innocent has come looking for the Lords of the Underworld.

Ashlyn is tortured by voices from the past - and her knowledge might be enough to free Maddox from his death-curse. When an extreme sacrifice is demanded, will Maddox's superhuman strength be enough to save them both ?


The Darkest Night is the first book in Gena Showalter's Lords of the Underworld series. The Lords of the Underworld are Immortal Warriors who were banished from the heavens for opening Pandora's Box. Now each Lord has to carry a demon within himself to contain it and save the world from being devastated. The Lords have since fought through the torment of carrying the demons for thousands of years living on earth.

The Darkest Night is the story of Maddox, Keeper of Violence who is cursed by the Gods to die every night and spend it in hell. His life is filled with nights of torture and pain until he meets Ashlyn Darrow. Ashlyn is the only one who can somehow get through to Maddox and calm his demon. With her Maddox finds peace.

Maddox and Ashlyn are such completely different characters with her being so sweet and innocent and him being the Keeper of Violence that you wonder how they'll ever get along. But it was amazing to see how each of them balanced each other out in situations. Their chemistry was scorching. It was great to see a Lord being brought down to his knees by a mere mortal. Maddox is protective of Ashlyn and their dialogues always keep you entertained.

We get to meet all the other Lords from the Budapest Contingency and the Greek Contingency as well in this book. Due to meeting so many new characters the book may seem a little slow in some parts but you will definitely not regret reading this series, as it just keeps on getting better. All the Lords have their unique personalities and the banter between them is fantastic.

The Darkest Night has it all- romance, drama, action, humor. Gena Showalter has an easy style of writing which keeps you flipping through the pages. There were many moments which had me grinning and blushing while reading the book. If you're tired of the same Vampire-Werewolf romances this is a definite must read series. The Greek mythology keeps you occupied and simply, the book is fun. Go read it people because if you still haven't picked this up you're missing out!

                            X 5


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