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Review- Lunangelique by Kristin R Campbell

Goodreads Summary:
For Alexis and Alex life has been great. They have loving parents, great friends and live a life every teenager dreams. However, they are adopted and Alexis struggles with wanting to know who their real parents are and not wanting to hurt her adopted parents. Then, a stunning guy moves across the street from them. One who has a secret past and seems to know things about Alexis. One who does mysterious things and leads her to other mysterious persons. One who pushes her to discover her extraordinary birth family and the truth between mythology and religion.

*NOTE: Author Kristin R Campbell  provided us (The Readdicts) with a copy of her book, Lunangelique  in exchange for an honest review. We thank the author for the book! 


One of the most impressive things about Lunangelique wasthat it was everything that I thought it would be. I really liked the way thebook started out and it kept getting better and better.
Lunangelique is the story of twins, Alexander (Alex) andAlexis (Lexi), which itself was a huge turn on for me, as I love to read aboutone girl and one boy twin pairing. The two of them aren't what they think theyare.
Being adopted at a very young age, Lexi is very curious toknow about her actual biological parents. That's the whole journey ofLunangelique. How Alex and Lexi figure things out and all the things that comestumbling upon them.
I absolutely loved Lexi's voice. It was simple, short andsweet. Sometimes it's better to say what you want in ten simple lines ratherthan try and complicate it by putting it all in one sentence. Lexi does theformer. Her voice was so clear. Author Kristin R Campbell has done anoutstanding job with getting Lexi's thoughts straight and clear.
I thoroughly enjoyed reading the relationship between Alexand Lexi. I also liked how they were so respectful towards the couple whoadopted them, obeyed them and had a normal parent-child relationship with them.
Alex and Lexi's school friends, especially Kaitlyn, Lexi'sbest friend and Alex's girlfriend (another thing that they both 'share'), wereall very sweet and fun to read.
The two guys in the book, Oliver and Cole, were both greatin their own ways. I hope I don't have to choose a Team here! There isn't alove triangle, which again is a huge turn on. Once she knows what she wants,Lexi is clear about her loyalty and priority.
One other thing I really liked about Lunangelique wascontemporary references like The Hunger Games movie that the school friends goto watch or Snow Patrol's song Chasing Cars that Lexi sings in her head whilelying down.
In the end of the book, Lexi receives a letter. I keptreading that letter again and again because it was so beautifully written. 
Lunangelique was a cute read. It has a little bit ofeverything. Lovely cover, astounding story, great protagonists, interestinghistory, beautiful angels, a bit of astronomy and mythology coupled withromance! You name it and Lunangelique has it!
I can hardly wait to know what happens in the next book inthe series, which is called Sleeping Gods.


 X 3.5 

Because I was so happy to read the mention of Chasing Cars,a song that I personally like to listen to by the band Snow Patrol, I amsharing the song here! :)



  1. I love the cover of this one! Your review is awesome and it made me want to know more about Lexi and Alex. The story sounds well written and I can't wait to read the letter at the end. Thanks for sharing!

    1. You're welcome Jess, and thank you for stopping by! I'm so glad to hear that you liked the review and are looking forward to the book. :)


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