Thursday, May 16, 2013

Review- Down London Road by Samantha Young


Johanna Walker is used to taking charge. But she’s about to meet someone who will make her lose control....

It has always been up to Johanna to care for her family, particularly her younger brother, Cole. With an absent father and a useless mother, she’s been making decisions based on what’s best for Cole for as long as she can remember. She even determines what men to date by how much they can provide for her brother and her, not on whatever sparks may—or may not—fly.

But with Cameron MacCabe, the attraction is undeniable. The sexy new bartender at work gives her butterflies every time she looks at him. And for once, Jo is tempted to put her needs first. Cam is just as obsessed with getting to know Jo, but her walls are too solid to let him get close enough to even try.

Then Cam moves into the flat below Jo’s, and their blistering connection becomes impossible to ignore. Especially since Cam is determined to uncover all of Jo’s secrets …even if it means taking apart her defenses piece by piece.


I have read and immensely loved On Dublin Street and Until Fountain Bridge by Samantha Young. I was super excited to get started on Down London Road even though I hadn't liked Johanna in On Dublin Street. I really enjoyed Down London Road but I couldn't help but compare it to On Dublin Street and that is where I found it slightly lacking.

Down London Road starts off with us getting into Jo's head. The whole book goes from her point of view and it was good though I really wished we had Cam's pov too. Jo's situation is bad. She has an alcoholic mother and a teenage brother to take care of after her abusive father left them several years ago. That is why Jo always goes for a relationship with a strong financial partner so that she can provide for the family.

Jo was definitely a gold digger in the beginning but you couldn't help but sympathize with her situation. But everything goes down the drain when Cam comes into her life. Now Cam, he was an absolute judge mental ass. I hated the assumptions he made in the beginning. I hated his treatment towards Jo and I hated that he came off as a self centered prick. Thankfully, as the story went on things got much better. Cam came to his senses soon and that's when things finally started moving in the right direction. But I never really liked him.

Samantha Young writes really good romance. The intimacy between Jo and Cam was superbly done and the sex scenes were hot. The sparks start flying between the two of them since the moment they meet. The only thing that bothered me was that both Jo and Cam are in separate relationships for half the book and they both jump into each other moments after the other ends it. Still, what they have is true and it was well done.

I didn't find the conflict in Down London Road as significant as On Dublin Street. Jo has her insecurities and Cam makes an ass out of himself by assuming too much. They failed to pull me in or hold the same intensity like Braden and Joss did but it was a book worth reading. We get a ton of family time with Braden, Joss, Ellie, Adam etc and we get introduced to new characters whom I am suspicious will get the next book. I think all fans of romance should definitely check this series out.


  1. I loved On Dublin Street but haven't picked this up merely because I can't envision myself caring about these characters as much, not to mention I don't think it'll be as significant. It still seems like a solid romance, but as a companion to On Dublin Street I feel like I may judge it too harshly. We'll see. Great review, though! :)

  2. I totally agree with you. I did enjoy this book but not as much as On the Dublin Street. Dunno this started to sound typical and I couldn't fully enjoy it. Great review :)


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