Thursday, March 19, 2015

Review- His Monsoon Bride by Aastha Atray Banan


An ideal wife?

Piramal Industries is the jewel in Mehtab Rathod’s crown, but he needs a wife to convince the board his playboy days are over and that he’s finally settled down to business – even if it’s just for show!

Amrita Piramal grew up playing the faultless hostess, helping her father to woo investors – and, with her delicious curves, Mehtab knows she’ll make the perfect trophy wife.

With her family bankrupt, Amrita is forced to accept Mehtab’s shocking proposal – but that doesn’t mean she’ll be obedient!

Soon the spark of defi ance fl ares into attraction, and their fake marriage starts to feel all too real!


I had wanted to read His Monsoon Bride since quite some time. When I was finally able to get a copy of this one I got right to it. His Monsoon Bride turned out to be quite a cute read. It was very typical where Mills and Boon books are concerned but sometimes typical can be comforting and this one was a nice romance. 

Amrita is our heroine. She is the daughter of who was once the rich owner of Piramal Industries. Unfortunately now, her father is in debt and the way for her family to get out of it is to marry Mehtab. I really liked Amrita as a heroine. She was a sweet and an independent woman who only wanted to be loved for who she was. The constant comparison she faced with her famous deceased mother, the insecurities she sometimes had and the vulnerabilities she showed made her very easy to relate to.

Then we have Mehtab. He was a little bit of a stereotype where Mills and Boon heroes are concerned. Arrogant, handsome and wealthy beyond compare. But we do get to see his side of the story too and though I wish we got more of him, whatever we did get was good. He was genuinely attracted to Amrita and though he didn't know how to be in a relationship, he tried his hardest.

Amrita and Mehtab shared great chemistry. I loved all their conversations. They were witty and quick. They did have a few silly misunderstandings but that was fine. Amrita and Mehtab made a really nice couple. I was also pleasantly surprised at the epilogue. It added a great touch to the story while giving a glimpse into the future and just something a little extra for romance lovers. His Monsoon Bride was a good, quick read.

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