Friday, October 30, 2015

Guest Post- Top Ten Songs by Namrata

Hi, everyone! A few days ago, we had our post up for our fellow blogger and now author Namrata's book, Metro Diaries. You can check out the post here. Today, Namrata is sharing her top ten songs with us, so without much ado, let's hand it over to her. 

Top Ten Songs by Namrata

This is something I always wanted to do. but couldn't for reasons known best to me. I wanted to have 20 songs for each story. As music is a huge inspiration for me. For me every individual and every story is a song. :) 

Top ten songs I can think of right now are given below. Please don't mind they are across time eras and languages. In case you need them in only Hindi or English do let me know will change them accordingly. 

 1. Pehla nasha 

2. I am in love 
3. Baby.. I want you to love me the way that I love you 
4. Jab kisiki taraf dil 
5. Tumko dekha 
6. Mera kuch saaman. 
 7. Tu rang sharbaton ka 
8.kissa hum likhenge 
9. Etu velli poyindi manasa (telugu song) 
10. Ishq wala love

About the author:
Namrata is a prolific blogger known by the name Privy Trifles in the blogosphere who romances life through her writings and aspires to make love the universal language. She dons various hats between that of a contributing author to 8 anthologies a reviewer for leading publishing houses an editor to various books and a columnist. Apart from that she is also the editor for an online magazine called Writer's Ezine. Having mastered the nuances of finance till recently she also held the title of an investment banker closely to let it go to embrace her love for writing fully.
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We'd like to thank Namrata for stopping by our blog today, and writing for us. Also, thank you to TBC for making this possible. We hope you liked the post, and happy reading!


  1. Lovely post ! Shows how romantic Dear Privy is. Love each song she has mentioned. Thanks for thinking of this guest post Sarika :)

  2. Good selection of love songs.I think metro diaries is all about love stories.


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