Monday, October 19, 2015

Review- Dark Temptations: The Naughty Proposal! by Shanaya Taneja

Goodreads Summary:

Tara: "I'm not interested in getting involved with a nice guy. No more serious relationships! I just want to enjoy. This time it's going to be my rules, my way."

Sneha: "Who cares whether he is a nice guy or a bad guy. As long as he is a guy, you need to enjoy him and move on. At least, that's what I do." 

Dheeraj: "This can just be our way to fulfil our dark temptations. Is that what you wanted to hear? So you just take care of the time we plan to share, and leave the rest to a rich rascal like me." 

Abhimanyu: "Let's enjoy every moment." 

A wild night of pleasure and passion brings up The Naughty Proposal! that takes them on a bumpy ride from one bed to another. A proposal which involves sinful delight, amorous games, and unbridled passion, where pleasure is the ultimate prize. Or is the prize something else?


I usually don't read erotica much, but I decided to give Dark Temptations: The Naughty Proposal! a shot anyway as it was a quick read. What I liked most about the story was its ending. What happened at the end, I saw that coming, but knowing books, you know it never goes that way you see it in your head. So while the twist was very interesting, it wasn't new for me because I predicted that something of the sort would happen. Nonetheless, I was just glad that the story didn't end in a traditional way. 

The Naughty Proposal! is the story of four people: Sneha, Tara, Abhimanyu and Dheeraj. All of them are portrayed as independent people looking for a good time. The story starts out at amazing party host, Sneha's house. Sneha finds herself hooking up with the very hot Abhimanyu and she tries her best to convince her friend Tara to hook up with another hottie, Dheeraj. While things don't go as planned, they eventually end up going on a very predictable path. 

The Naughty Proposal! goes from the point of view of all the characters, but mostly from Tara and Dheeraj's points of views in third person. There was hardly a time when we go into Abhimanyu's head, which was odd, because every other character got some say. Then again, at the same time, I feel a lack of his point of view was needed to keep the story slightly mysterious. Like I said at the very beginning, the end of the book was quite the surprise and ended up making the book a quick and decent read. 

*A copy of Dark Temptations: The Naughty Proposal! by Shanaya Taneja was provided by Quickies- Srishti Publishers and Distributors in exchange for an honest review. We thank them for the book. 


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  1. I've definitely tried going out of my comfort reading zone lately too and surprisingly it has been working for me too. I'm glad that you were able to enjoy this one overall Sarika, it sounds like an intriguing read. :)


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