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Author Interview + Free book!- The Writing Workshop by Novemberschild

Hi everybody!
Today we have with us Romila or as we all know her, Novemberschild from My Writing Workshop. She took part in the atozblogchallenge and has now come out with a book based on it. 

And the best part? You can go ahead and read the book for free here- http://1453483214.rsc.cdn77.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/Ebook-atozblogchallenge.pdf

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and start reading and please be sure to leave a line or two about it on twitter/goodreads or on your blog :)

Without further ado, let us get to know Novemberschild and her book more.


 I have a lot of opinions. I speak my mind without sugar coating. I like being random. I search for the unknown and I want to experience everything from the depths of despair to the temples of ecstasy. If you are contented with the way things are in the world, then don’t fall into my path, unless you are on board with the revolution! Always be the change you wish to see. This ebook is a journey into that.


1.       Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I blog and write with the name - Novemberschild (a pseudonym or as in today, social media identity used by me). I turned a blogger in 2004 out of curiosity to see how this whole thing works and never dreamt I would go so long (this June 2016, I stepped in 13th year of blogging).  Call me a social media nut, creative thinker, fashion addict, genuinely fun person and very friendly, not to miss that out. I am obsessed with food and movies. I am always alert in my mind. Books are my best friend and I can never get tired of travelling and exploring corners.

2.       Tell us about your book.

 My first ever e-book titled on my blog – My Writing workshop, a compilation of my first #AtoZ Blogging challenge is out and ready to read for everyone. It is freely available as I am not looking to make any money out of it. I’m so excited about this project and extremely happy with the outcome of the book. It was a much longer and more complicated process to set everything up than I had anticipated. Since this was the first time, for me to write an eBook and publish it, and set up a way for people to download it, everything needed to be done from scratch. Fortunately, I can consider this eBook launch as a success as it has been received well by my readers. I’ve gotten many great reviews and comments. I haven’t seen a single piece of negative feedback so far. This means a lot to me and motivates me to keep going and produce even more high-quality content. My eBook was entirely a ‘one-man show’. The only thing I outsourced design work. It’s all not that easy. You need to be patient, extremely focused and really believe in what you’re working on to complete it. Then you put it out there and wait for the outcome. Now I want to definitely focus on creating better content to grow my audience and make it stronger.

3.       How was your whole experience with the #AtoZblogging Challenge?

 I can honestly say it’s been a heartwarming and successful experience. I signed up because I was hoping to establish some sort of schedule for writing, by participating I found that I can find the time to commit daily. I also really liked the content other bloggers too put on for reading. The challenge to write every single day was a blessing. The more I wrote, the more content I generated which gave a positively impact on my blog.  I am a first time A to Z challenger and going by my habit, I wrote all my posts in advance as in 2months but scheduling, posting, promoting and replying to all the comment was what my whole of April took away. I strongly advise bloggers to take part in this challenge, it is really rewarding when you reach the finale.

4.       What do you like to blog about?

 I blog about everything and anything under the sun to enjoy the little things in life, for one day I will look back and realize they were big things. All my scribbling, which I wish to someday be able to remember with a few laughs all the way. I write book reviews, share my favorite music pieces, participate in blogging contests, hosts giveaway, book releases, opinions, writing prompts, almost all the genres including fashion.

5.       Tell us why readers should pick up your book.

 My debut book contains no vulgarity, bad elements or violence at all. It is not only good for all reading but can be also easily shared with friends, families and colleagues. You must have really been tired of reading all the usual types of book such as horror, romance, teen romance, vampire, paranormal, dystopian romance, historical, action, thriller, pop, YA, DIY books, guide, and erotica, but my book will give you different set of experiences and if you dare to try, you will find new things to learn. This unique experience of reading random topics should make you read and enjoy my book. It is full of useful information; it will make you go much deeper than the sake of reading any stereotype of book(s).

6.       3 books you would recommend to everyone.

 The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown, The Sun That Rose from the Earth by Shamsur Rahman Faruqi, Love Virtually and Every Seventh Wave by Daniel Glattauer (both the books are connected)

7.       Do you prefer e-books or physical copies? Why?

 Physical copies or the Paperback as they are called work best for me as there is nothing quite as gratifying as holding a book in my hands, looking at the cover, turning the new, crisp pages, inhaling the smell. Whether I am in the bed, curled up on the sofa, travelling or sitting in the waiting room of the doctor, nothing beats the reading experience of a paperback.

8.       If you were granted a wish by means of which you would be able to spend an entire day with any fictional character (only one), who would you pick and why? What would you like to discuss with them?

Professor Robert Langdon -a fictional character created by author Dan Brown for his novels. He is likable, capable, and goodhearted. Robert is trustworthy which makes him outstanding. For me he is a sex symbol in the academic world, though Robert is clumsy and inept with guns and weapons and lacks resolve when it comes to planning and executing action. He would rather think about codes and symbols. He transforms his intellectual abilities into survival skills that are applicable to real life. I would discuss with him - comparative religion, secret societies, mythology, religious iconology and symbology. His experience handling the scandal his book Symbols of the Lost Sacred Feminine created.

9.       Name 2 things you consider yourself to be very good at.

  Painting and Listening to people

10.   Name 2 things you consider yourself to be very bad at.

 Haiku and Sudoku 

Thank you so much Novemberschild! :)

You can find her at- 

Twitter - @romspeaks

Once again, don't forget to check out her book. You can get right to reading it through this link- http://1453483214.rsc.cdn77.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/Ebook-atozblogchallenge.pdf

Have a great day, everybody! :)


  1. Superb interview Janhvi :-) I had taken up the a-zchallenge too (this year).It is a fun at same time tough ..Keeps you at wits end .

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Good Read..Love the way Author narrated the Random topics.It shows The Wider reach & A Progressive sign that She is not bound within limits,always on look to Explore the Unexplored..13 long years A bag full of Experience..I can assume the Journey of Author must be Life's Experience enhancing one.. Above all A Neat & Clean writing..Thank You @NovembersChild.

  4. Awesome Di.... honesty se reply kiya hai har question ka ... badia hai interview.... ������

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