Friday, August 05, 2016

Sign-up Post for The Literary Others: An LGBT Reading Event

Hi, everyone! I am so excited that one of my most favourite bloggers, Adam @ Roof Beam Reader is hosting The Literary Others: An LGBT Reading Event again this year. The event takes place in October, and all you have to do is read books written by LGBT writers or that have LGBT characters. 

I had taken part in the event way back in 2012 as well, and I ended up discovering and reading some incredible books that became instant favourites. I hope the same happens this year as well, because this is one of my most favourite themes to read about. 

I sure hope you take part in the event as well, and if you do, make sure you let Adam know by commenting on his main post

Now I'm not a hundred percent strict with lists, but I'm going to make a rough one for this year, as that'll give me a great starting point since I do have many LGBT books on my to-read pile. If you do sign up, feel free to add the books on my list, to your list as well. Or just search LGBT on our blog- I've already read and reviewed many of the books. I'm trying to make this quality over quantity, so most of these books are huge, but I've heard nothing but incredible stuff about them. So with four weeks in October, I plan on reading four (hopefully) lovely books. Here's what I have planned (linked to Goodreads): 

Okay, clearly I cannot contain my excitement! Why isn't October here already? I hope you sign up for the event as well. Happy reading, everyone! 

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