Thursday, January 14, 2021

Review- Meeting Yama by Manoj V Jain


From the moment we are born, we start our journey towards death. Some walk slowly, others run towards it, some skip and dance their way there, while others crawl.

In his seventh book, author Manoj Jain dwells on the uncomfortable topic of death. Interspersed with stories from Indian mythology, Meeting Yama is set in the mystical city of Varanasi where all answers are given if one is willing to listen.

Amrit, Rajat and Surya, three visitors meet each other in this city and find resolutions to the issues that they carry within them.

If you are reading this, then there is probably something in the book that is meant for you.

Release date: November 9th 2020
Published by: Notion Press
Page numbers: 236


I won a copy of Meeting Yama by Manoj V. Jain in a giveaway hosted by @writingbuddha. I had no expectations from the book; in fact, I wasn’t even planning on picking it up anytime soon, but something about the book pulled me and I gave in. It was while reading that I realised I had previously read the author’s The B.N.O and even though I recall very little about it, I remember that I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Speaking of Meeting Yama, it is the story of the spiritual journey of three different and relatable men, Amrit, Surya and Rajat, who find themselves in Varanasi, each there for a reason that even they aren’t aware of but each leaves with some much needed closure which was explained really well. The beautiful glimpses into the effervescent and pious city of Varanasi coupled with amazing and absorbing stories from Indian mythology and the fast-paced yet detailed glance into the lives of our three main characters made this book fascinating and delightful.

While spirituality and religion are quite complex, require immense understanding and contemplation, this book entwines the two in the world of fiction which makes it rather easy and simple to both read and understand. A few years ago, I would never have given a second glance to this book, but the interest I am developing in spirituality since the past few months made me want to explore it and this gave me a kick to delve deeper into it and embark on my spiritual journey.

Death has been a topic that somehow soothes me because of the immense reading I do on it, thanks to philosophy. This book takes it up in a simple manner that makes Meeting Yama a fantastic read. I would recommend this if you know little about spirituality and wish to explore- its a good start.

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