Friday, January 29, 2021

Review- The Good Wizard by Prasun Roy


Badshah Bisht is a famous wizard, and the only person who can perform the dangerous “Dance of the Phoenix” act. Emperor Shah Jahan has honoured him for his acts.

When a deadly disease strikes Badshah and an evil magician attacks and takes over his home, the book containing the knowledge of the celebrated act is destroyed. Now it is only saved in Badshah's mind.

Badshah sets out to find someone who can help him safeguard his knowledge, and meets 11-year-old Titli, who wishes to become the first ever female magician. With little time left, the old wizard must train the vivacious and energetic Titli within the nick of time. She is his only hope.

Will Titli succeed in becoming the perfect disciple? Is there a cure available for the magician’s illness or will Shah Jahan lose his favourite wizard forever? Will The Good Wizard be able to reincarnate himself inside little Titli?

Release date: January 11th 2021
Published by: Srishti Publishers and Distributors
Page numbers: 200


The only expectation I had from author Prasun Roy’s The Good Wizard is that I was hoping that I would get lost in this children’s fantasy story for a while and enjoy it. And that’s exactly what ended up happening.

The Good Wizard is an intriguing story about Badshah Bisht, an amazing wizard who starts losing his memory and on his quest to find an ailment for this, he ends up meeting the wonderful Titli who he takes under his wing and trains to be a magician like him. Author Prasun Roy has written an enjoyable story that children will adore because it has a bit of everything in it, but most importantly, it’s a good story.

I don’t know what I thought this book would be about but it ended up being a super quick and fun read that did it’s job of keeping in entertained and engrossed for a while. I would recommended this one to parents of young reads- I can see this becoming a beautiful story to narrate to kids.

*Note: A copy of this book was provided by Srishti Publishers and Distributors in exchange for an honest review. We thank them.

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