Friday, January 22, 2021

Review: Broken by Love by Shalaka Nadhe


Sushmita and Sumit complement each other perfectly and are surely a match made in heaven. They live life as it comes and make the most of each moment. Raghav is a business tycoon who has the world at his feet. Having overcome a difficult childhood, devoid of love, he decides to throw himself into expanding his father’s business. When Raghav sees Sushmita, he cannot get her out of his mind. Despite trying not to, he falls in love with her, losing all control over his feelings. His love slowly becomes an obsession, and he can do anything to win Sushmita over… anything. Broken by Love is an intense tale of love, deep passion and the dark world of obsession. It is an emotional story that re-kindles faith in togetherness and the eternal power of true love.

Release date: January 2021
Published by: Srishti Publishers & Distributors
Page numbers: 160


Author Shalaka Nadhe’s Broken by Love was a first of its kind read for me because of how intensely and seriously the act of stalking is taken up in it. This book is all about the lengths one would go to, to achieve something they want, focusing on the fact that the mind really is incredible- you set your mind to something and you will get it, and you will do anything- literally anything- to have it your way. While a very powerful and sometimes uncomfortable read, Broken by Love had me on the edge of my seat throughout.

Happy married to the love of her life Sumit and a heavenly mother to her son Amey, the description of Sushmita’s mundane life seemed rather boring to me at first, but once you start to really invest in the story, you understand exactly why each and every detail is necessary to show how a second can change everything for someone or even one person- Raghav in this case. A short and gripping read, this one is also serious and emotional. How author Shalaka Nadhe has managed to write an engrossing story in the most detailed and precise manner possible in less than 160 pages is beyond my imagination and I find it applauding.

Broken by Love is not just a sad love story. It is about the rather ignored but dangerous act of stalking, lack of love in the lives of innocent children and its consequences in adulthood, psychological problems, the fleetingness of life, emotional trauma, mind games, and then comes a story that’s heart shattering but so well done. This is a whole package that I would surely recommend.

*Note: A copy of this book was provided by Srishti Publishers in exchange for an honest review. We thank them.

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