Sunday, November 25, 2012

Giveaway (INT): India Was One by An Indian

Welcome to another giveaway! 
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I read the book, India Was One that was generously given to me by the author in exchange for an honest review. 

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   India Was One by An Indian is a book that will remain close to the heart of all Indians and will be an absolutely enlightening read for others as well. 


…Suddenly, he saw something shiny at the bottom of the abyss. He squinted his eyes to see what it was. He ran back to his binoculars and turned them to see what it was. Sharp barbed wires that separated the two mountains came into focus. He had come as far as he could in his country. But she was standing in another country.

He was in South India and she was in North India…

Have you ever imagined India being divided into two countries? What happens to the millions of Indians who are from South India but are now residing in North India? Kaahi & Jai were two such people who got trapped in this situation. Everything was going smoothly for them and suddenly, their world turned upside down.

How will they get together? Will India become one again?

Take an exciting journey with them from their college days in Mumbai to their life in the US and back to India when they find out that India is divided.


I have a Smashwords Coupon Code for India Was One (which I ended up winning). I don't want to it see going to waste (since I already have a copy of the book and the Coupon is of no use to me now), so I'm willing to give it away to you. 

The code expires on 5th Dec, which is why the giveaway lasts only for a few days! So make sure you enter soon. 

Smashwords is easy to use. You just have to redeem the coupon code and download the book in the e-format of your choice.  

  I, however, have a little request to make! Please please please consider leaving a review for the book.                                                                                  

Also, NOTE that there is a special surprise (purely the author's kind and genius gesture) in store for ALL those who enter the giveaway! 

Exciting, right? So come along and participate! 

Giveaway rules are simple: 
  • Enter by filling out the Rafflecopter form for the giveaway. 
  • Winners will be announced here on the blog and also emailed, after which they will have 48 hours to respond  or else we'll be compelled to choose another winner. 

Also, the giveaway is INTERNATIONAL. 


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