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Review- Spectral by Shannon Duffy

Goodreads Summary:

Convinced she’s a part of the witness protection program, sixteen-year-old Jewel Rose is shuffled around the globe with her family like a pack of traveling gypsies. After arriving at lucky home twenty-seven, she stumbles upon a mysterious boy with magical powers claiming to be her guardian... and warning of imminent danger. Despite the obvious sparks between them, Jewel discovers a relationship is forbidden, and the more she learns about dark, brooding Roman, she begins to question who she can even believe—the family who raised her, or the supposed sworn protector who claims they’ve been lying to her all along. 

As she struggles to uncover who her family has really been running from, she is forced to hide her birthmark that reveals who she is. With new realities surfacing, unexplained powers appearing, and two tempting boys vying for her heart, Jewel battles to learn who she can trust in an ever growing sea of lies, hoping she’ll make it through her seventeenth birthday alive.


I had been seeing Spectral around a lot when it came out. The moment I saw the words witches and magic, I knew this was one book that I had to read no matter what. Add to that a gorgeous cover and an intriguing summary. I won the book in the Indie Author giveaway hop. Unfortunately, I just didn't get the chance to read it even when I had the copy. Then came the Spectral Read-a-thon hosted by Nicole @ Tribute Books whom I'd like to thank and it was so much fun chatting with her! I knew this was my opportunity to read a book I'd had on my TBR pile since ages. The best part for me while reading Spectral as part of the Read-a-thon was being able to interact with author Shannon Duffy and get these really interesting inside snippets into what went into writing Spectral. It has been a really lovely journey. I mean, just imagine how cool it is, as an avid reader, to be able to read a book, talk with the author, ask them questions and get some really awesome extra info on it? It is a blast and I know that I am going to miss the Read-a-thon and chatting and discussing the book endlessly with all the new people I met. 
Now, onto Spectral. It was simply amazing! The book took me back to my Twilight days but maybe that's only because the Read-a-thon posts had some pictures from Twilight  and even though it did seem a bit predictable at times, what I loved most was the fact that it had been a long time since I read something so magical and stupefying, and so I enjoyed every page. And trust me, it was not all that predictable after all. It was an engrossing read that took all I had to not ditch the schedule of the Read-a-thon and finish it in a few sittings! 
Spectral is the story of Jewel, whose family keeps shifting from one part of the world to another which makes her believe she is part of the Witness Protection Program. She doesn't question it and her parents literally make and break her by deciding what she should wear, how she should live, what she should do, what she shouldn't do and all that. Jewel doesn't question anything and sincerely goes with the flow. In her current situation, her family has decided her fake name will be True. Jewel has no idea what her family has in mind for her or even who they actually are. She has no idea that turning seventeen is going to be one huge step and a total hurdle in her life.  
As a protagonist, I really admired Jewel. She was strong, a little naive but absolutely smart. Though a little confused about why her life is the way it is (which is totally understandable), she is determined and knows what she wants. There are two guys in the story and the best part about Jewel was that she doesn't kiss one because she knows it is the other who she likes. Confusing, I know, but really rare and beautiful and I don't know how to elaborate that without giving away any spoilers. 
The two guys, Roman and Chase were both interestingly opposite. Roman has dark hair and is the intense, mysterious, sexy guy, while Chase has blond hair and is simple, kind, helpful and down-to-earth. It was captivating reading about them. I have to admit that I have a soft corner for Chase, but even then, Roman was his own self and a very likable character. 
Jewel's little brother Jayden was adorable and an absolute joy to have around. I loved the relationship between the two of them. They were playful and thoughtful with each other. Jewel also makes a new friend, Taylor in her recent town and Taylor was really awesome. The two friends do what any normal friends do and their banter was fun to read and added a light-hearted touch to the book. 
There are plenty side characters in Spectral who come from various witch covens of the world. Even though it was a little confusing for me  to remember them all, they have all been well portrayed and elucidated by author Shannon Duffy. They each play an important role in either helping or destroying Jewel.  
Spectral has a very absorbing  plot that pulls you into it. It's like journeying with Jewel. There were times when I myself was confused about which guy I like better or what to make of a particular situation when  Shannon told me that it's bound to happen because I am with Jewel on this quest of finding who she really is. Spectral is a bewitching read and I know I've said it before but I'll say it again. I loved read reading it. Who doesn't enjoy a gripping read about magic and witches? Author Shannon Duffy's writing is striking, easy to understand and fun to read. It was absolutely impressive and a spectacular read and I think it's high time I stop now, because I can go on and on and on praising Spectral and gushing about how cool it was to talk to talk to Shannon. Spectral is a different and riveting story with a new concept that's not only outstanding, but also really cool, magical and splendid. 


X 4


  1. I've seen this book around and always liked the cover but I haven't read the book. I must read more books about witches so I hope I'll get a chance to read this one. I'm not fan of predictable things but I like that some parts of the story aren't :) Great review! :)

    1. I'd been seeing it around a lot too and it was cool that I won it and finally read it! A giveaway for an e-copy is going on at Shannon's blog, so do participate if you're interested! Thanks for stopping by, Tanja! :)

  2. Sarika, everything we hoped to accomplish for readers with the read-a-thon, you mentioned, so I'm glad you truly enjoyed it :)

    1. Oh yay! I'm happy to hear that! Thanks a ton for stopping by and taking the time out to read my review, Nicole! I highly appreciate it. :)

  3. Hey Sarika, I haven't read this one but your review is so good that I am tempted... magic and witches... hmmm... good review!!
    I like the Blog name "The Readdicts"


    1. Thank you, Ankita! Magic and witches always work, I guess. ;)
      Thanks for stopping by and I'm glad you like out blog name!


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