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Review- The Stopover by Deepa Pinto and Ram Prakash

Goodreads Summary:

4 stories, in 4 locations, brought alive with over 100 photos.

The Stopover is a book for those who believe that every new place we visit and every culture we experience enriches our lives and that at every stopover in the journey of life is an exciting new treasure trove. It has stories of 4 such stopovers, a combination of fiction & fact brought alive through photographs.

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I was surprised to receive a message from co-author of TheStopover, Deepa Pinto asking for my opinion on the idea of a photo-fiction book, the first of its kind. When I checked out The Stopover website, I was completely intrigued and mesmerized by the whole concept. 
The Stopover, the brainchild of Deepa Pinto and Ram Prakash, is a photo-fiction book, consisting of four elegant and charming stories titled The Tibetan Wheel Of Wisdom, A Rocking Horse Can Gallop Too, The Sun Shines Forever and I Hear Them Calling, along with some really brilliant photos of the Indian cities where the stories are set. When it comes to India, I think she is best described in pictures and a few words, which is exactly what The Stopover is about. It’s all about India in her shining glory!
The Tibetan Wheel Of Wisdom is a story that took me by surprise. Set in Leh, a peaceful and calming destination, I actually felt peaceful while reading this rather enchanting experience of Varun who embarks on a visit to Leh to get away from his hectic schedule and depressing heartbreak. The pictures here are lovely, just like Leh.
‎A Rocking Horse Can Gallop Too is a simple yet extraordinary story about family and love. Vishwa and Kailash, two brothers who reunite after years and realise that their lives aren’t all that different, will be remembered for a long time. The pictures in the second story are colourful, vibrant and really mesmerising!
Before The Sun Shines Forever, the Todas from Ooty were just a part of my Geography text book in school. I now feel enlightened to know so much about them, they're a wonderful tribe from whom we have a lot to learn! This is the story of brothers, Deva and Vishwa who, in spite of their contrasting personalities, are grounded and respectful towards their people. The pictures here take you through a visual Ooty journey.
‎I Hear Them Calling is a lovely story about how the youth can after all make a difference! I loved reading about Vikram and Deepika, fresh graduates who are ready to step into the real world and start living life by their own terms. The sea life pictures here were mind blowing.
The Stopover is an altogether new and refreshing experience by way of which one journeys into a land full of surprises and grandeur.  The Stopover has left me speechless. It truly is a remarkable piece of art as I like to call it. The attention here is on the photos, which are enchanting and capture beauty in its natural, raw and fresh form. Apart from the photos, the writing in itself is absolutely stunning. Each story has a hidden message to convey while at the same time it gives a glimpse into the vast cultural euphoria that India is. Deepa Pinto and Ram Prakash deserve a huge round of applause for introducing the captivating concept of photo-fiction in writing and making it a reality.  

X 4


  1. this is a wonderful concept Sarika! i checked out the sampler and the photographs are stunning and the first story wanted me to read more! thank you for sharing!

    1. Aww, thanks Ao! The Stopover truly highlights India and is an extremely pleasant yet thoughtful read. :)

  2. As I mentioned on Goodreads, Lovely review and I love your rating style...
    " It truly is a remarkable piece of art as I like to call it. "-- it's the line from your review that just wooed me.

    Happy pretty pretty reading

    1. Aww, thanks so much, Ankita, for stopping by and for your kind words! Your comment made me smile. Hey, and thanks for quoting me! ;) Happy reading to you too!


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