Tuesday, December 25, 2012

2013 Indian Quills Reading Challenge!

I will be taking part in the Indian Quills Reading Challenge 2013. The challenge is hosted by Reshmy @ The Tales Pensieve and Random House India

Unfortunately, Janhvi won't be taking up this challenge, but I am definitely going to steal, I mean borrow, Indian writing from her shelf. ;) 
I've had quite a few Indian literature books lying on my shelf and this challenge will be a great way to finally get to them. 
The books that I plan on reading are: 
I also have the Urban Shots Collection. I've read two and I still have two to go. Being anthologies, I plan on reading them as and when I feel like it. 
Phew! That sure is a long list, but then again, that's the purpose of a challenge- challenge yourself! 
I really hope and pray that I am able to read ALL these books in the year to come.
Good luck to all the participants and happy reading! :) 



  1. I like the sound of this challenge only I don't have any Indian books on my self! I hope you'll enjoy them :) Can't wait to see your reviews for them :)

    Happy Holidays girls ;)

    1. Thanks so much, Tanja! Happy holidays to you too! Have a great time! :D

  2. Hi Girls,

    Here is a month long celebration of Indian debut writers. Do join in. The rules are simple - Read the 1st book of an Indian writer, review, link to us. We promote, you vote. It will be a fun and exciting month. With some prizes thrown in too. Hope to see you at The Tales Pensieve.


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