Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Review- The Kindred Curse Anthology by Terra Harmony

Goodreads Summary:

Their very blood betrays them.

A disease passed to each new generation of descendants attracts vampires. Pieces of family history and the secrets to survival are lost as the lineage progresses. The Kindred Curse Anthology prequels lead you back in time, revealing the root of a dynasty's plight and a beginning that ultimately transcends the family's end.

Consisting of five short stories, each subsequent book in this anthology is written as a prequel to the prior. The matriarch of the family, Anna Sprengel, survives a vampire poisoning. Her tainted blood is passed down to each new generation, morphing into deadly auto-immune diseases. However, no descendant can escape the magnetic-like pull they have toward vampires - and vampires have toward the family. Loosely based on the true story of the foundations of the Order of the Golden Dawn, Anna foresees the destruction of the world, and joins forces with a vampire in order to prevent the total loss of both races. But every member of the family in each generation must play their part. Constantly on the run from vampires, their instincts for self-preservation overcome even their kindred bonds. Anna is no longer around to ensure the prophecy is carried out by her family, but her vampire cohort, Xavier, is. Even if he can overcome the sensual pull toward Isabelle, the prophecy remains precarious as the future of both races is at stake.


The Kindred Curse Anthology by Terra Harmony is a very interesting read. A short story about vampires, the book doesn't take much time to finish. Add to it the fact that the story is quite gripping. A book that can be finished in just one sitting, Gleaming White starts as a story about two twins, one of whom, that is Gabriella, died after being turned into a vampire. Her twin sister, Isabella is the next victim. She becomes the fancy of a vampire Elder, Xavier and is on the way to bringing her sister back to life... The anthology goes backward in time. So generations of vampires are described from the present to the past. From Gabriella and Isabella, we move on to the story of thier mother, Diana. Diana's story was very very interesting. There are in all five stories in the anothology and  they all come together to make a very riveting whole.  
A nice and different take on vampires, The Kindred Curse Anthology is tiny, interesting and a great read!


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  1. I haven't heard of this book so thanks for sharing. The story looks really interesting but I have the problem with books that go back to history. Mostly I get bored in process. But it's just me. Great review Sarika :)

    1. That's there! But then again, The Kindred Curse Anthology is really gripping and so you want to know what happened. I totally understand your boredom with history, but I really really like history, so maybe that's why I liked the book too! ;) Anyways, thanks for stopping by, Tanja!

    2. I guess that's the reason. :) I love some parts of history but all my life the history was only about wars and battles so I got sick and tired of it. I'm glad you enjoyed :) You're welcome :)

    3. Ah, probably! You've got a good point there though! :)

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